Cristiano Ronaldo posted an angry post, not satisfied with playing as a substitute

As a result of this reaction, many media outlets have focused on the position of Ronaldo Is it a matter of expressing your dissatisfaction with your current situation that doesn’t always start as a real person? and has been reduced to an important role, but the shooting starPortugal national team came out to reveal the message through the online world that

“There is still a long road ahead and nothing is impossible when you play for Man. United. We will keep chasing our goals until the end!” Nothing is impossible when you play for Manchester United, we will keep chasing our goals until the end!)

That was the first movement to raise criticism. That News is still committed to the team as before, even though the latest game is being held as a substitute. And the news still sees the main goal is to do for the team as a priority, which fans have retweeted overwhelmingly.

picture from twitter Cristiano Ronaldo



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