Cristiano Ronaldo said he felt betrayed Manchester United Erik Deg Hag No Respect To Portuguese Super Star | Cristiano Ronaldo : Rooney jealous, Ten Haag disrespectful, United cheating; Cristiano Ronaldo explodes

The famous Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has opened up against his Manchester United club and coach Erik ten Haag. In an exclusive interview with presenter FitzMorgan, Cristiano Ronaldo said that Ten Haag have no respect for him and therefore no respect for him or the United coach. In the video that emerged from the interview, the Portuguese star exploded against United. Cristiano has also leveled his criticism of former coach Ralf Ragnik. The full video of the interview will be released on Wednesday.

“I don’t respect him because he doesn’t respect me. If you don’t respect me, I won’t respect you,” Ronaldo said in a video clip of the interview. The Portugal international tried to leave United last summer. But Cristiano said the United manager and coach ten Haag tried to expel him from the team.

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“Not only the manager, but two or three people connected to the club tried to get me out. I felt cheated. I don’t care, everyone wants to know the truth . Yes, I felt that I was cheated. I felt that some people do not want me here. Not only this year but also last season, “said Ronaldo.

Ronaldo says he doesn’t know why Manchester United star Wayne Rooney is criticizing him. Ronaldo added that Rooney’s criticism is likely to see him still in the top flight despite his retirement.

When it came to the situation that he would go to Manchester City, Ronaldo openly said that he returned to United on the advice of Sir Alex Ferguson. Ronaldo accused Manchester United of not having changed since Alex Ferguson left the club. Ronaldo added that Ferguson knows everything.

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