‘Criticism of disgraceful diplomacy… Incheon Mayor Yu Jeong-bok “Sensual and divisive politics must be stopped”

As the opposition’s criticism of ‘diminishing diplomacy’ grew in relation to the results of the Korea-Japan summit, people’s power took an active role in public opinion, and Incheon Mayor Yoo Jeong-bok also supported the voice of the party that is in control.

Mayor Yoo wrote on his Facebook page on the 19th, “We must stop divisive politics that only use emotions and engage in national interest politics based on intelligence.”

Mayor Yoo said, “I can’t help but be angry to see a group that only tried to gain political gain by selling North Korea during the five years of the Moon Jae-in administration, talking about the present, history and future. .” Meanwhile, North Korea has developed its nuclear weapons.”

“Security experts analyze that North Korea’s 7th nuclear test and the first launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile at a normal angle were not far away,” he said.

Regarding the results of the Korea-Japan summit, Mayor Yu said, “It is in the national interest to strengthen cooperation between Korea, the United States, and Japan to respond to the North Korean nuclear issue with GSOMIA, which has entered the normalization process with President Yoon Seok-yeol’s diplomatic Visit to Japan as an opportunity, and to show that export restrictions between the two countries are being withdrawn. This is an amazing achievement,” he said.

“In a situation where the semiconductor industry is in crisis and even the development of emerging technologies is slow, cooperation between Korea and Japan can be a driving force to overcome economic difficulties,” he said, “It will the issue is resolved without fail by improving Korea – Japan Relations, which have been initiated through diplomacy in just two days. “

Finally, he said, “There are five days left until West Sea Defense Day, which honors the warriors who died in the Second Naval Battle of Yeonpyeong, the attack on the battleship Cheonan, and the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island.” The way to the sake,” he added.

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