Criticism of the head of the industrial bank union, “Relocating the head office to Busan is weeding out the market.”

Press conference on the 28th “It’s not selfish… it means discussing properly”

On the 28th, the Korea Development Bank trade union holds a press conference in front of the Financial Services Commission (Financial Services Commission). Photo = Correspondent Jeong Woo-gyo Daily Korea

[데일리한국 정우교 기자] Kim Hyun-joon, chairman of the industrial bank’s trade union, raised his voice against the relocation of the head office to Busan. He emphasized that the relocation of the head office that the bank is pushing for is a ‘voting pleasure’ and will end up with the Korea Development Bank, and he asked the National Assembly and the Seoul Metropolitan Government to judge Korea’s future properly. Development Bank.

On the 28th, Chairman Kim Hyun-joon poured out insightful comments throughout the press conference held in front of the Financial Services Commission (Financial Services Commission). First of all, Chairman Kim criticized the ‘relocation institution designation plan’, which was reported to have been submitted by the Korea Development Bank to the Financial Services Commission on the 27th. He pointed out that, “Yesterday, the (bank) management held a management meeting in an external hotel, not the head office,” and “it means they know there is no justification for this.”

The previous day, the Korea Development Bank held a management council including the chairman and vice president, and prepared a ‘relocation organization designation plan’ and submitted it to the Financial Services Commission. The main content is the opinion of the Korea Development Bank on the relocation of Busan, and the union raises the level of criticism, calling it a ‘snap’ for the Management Council’s single handling of the ‘relocation agency designation plan’.

In terms of the subsequent procedure, when the Financial Services Commission submits a proposal to designate a local relocation agency to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport must submit the agenda to the National Balanced Development Committee after consultation with related organisations. Regarding this, the union stated, “In the process of preparing a plan, consultations between labor and management must be preceded, but they have not been followed.”

Chairman Kim also talked about the outside perspective around the Korea Development Bank. He said, “The Korea Development Bank is working hard with a sense of mission to overcome the national crisis at the forefront and protect the underdeveloped industry.” However, his story is that opposing the move is misunderstood as selfishness. At the same time, he stressed, “Labor and managers should discuss whether the ‘relocation to Busan’ is a policy that suits the national economy.”

He also said that the role of the Korea Development Bank in the national economy is necessary. Specifically, he said, “The Korea Development Bank is a market-type policy finance institution, so it can only support companies with policy funds when it makes a profit in the market.” There is,” he explained.

“Think about the case of other financial institutions other than local banks. What financial institutions are located in the states?” He continued, “The reason most financial institutions are located in Seoul is because it is a ‘network industry’. People and systems It means industry,” he said. Among them, the union labor argues that sending the Industrial Bank of Korea to Busan is ending the market and can have a negative impact on policy funds.

Finally, Chairman Kim said, “I think balanced national development is, of course, necessary.” He said, “I can’t think of how to develop the province by making a proper profit and make a fund based on this, is it right for Pyo-pal to harm the Korea Development Bank with his promise?” He said.

Meanwhile, although the union announced that it would continue with a one-person demonstration in front of the Financial Services Commission, the conflict between labor and management of the Korea Development Bank has not made much progress, and the conflict is expected to extend On the 20th, the union proposed that a ‘joint relocation feasibility review’ TF should be established, but it was reported that management refused.


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