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Criticism Z! Married women to make friends The monk opened his heart to accept it furiously when he was a novice – fresh news

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Ubon people criticize Z! The image of the monk dressed as a woman, looking for friends to chat on social media while the monk in the picture Open your mind to accept some images as your true self. some pictures are not as a novice Currently ordained never act like that again

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On November 21, 2021, reporters reported. Social media people flock to share pictures of novices Ubon Ratchathani Province Dress up a woman with a lonely caption, find friends to talk to until there are criticisms of acting inappropriately. In this regard, the reporter traveled to investigate the facts at the temple in the area of ​​Det Udom district, which was identified as a temple that this novice was affiliated with. But it turns out that this temple novice stated This novice actually lived at this temple. but moved to be ordained as a monk in another temple in the middle of last year and has behavior like a ladyboy

Later, reporters traveled to another temple and found this image, accepting some of them as their own images. But some pictures are not. a monk from another place Ready to reveal the story in the past that The picture dressed as a woman is a photo before being ordained as a novice in Loei province in 2017. While being a novice, there is still a passion for taking sweet photos. but didn’t have to do breasts During the ordination of a novice at a temple in Loei province There is a need to be ordained to study. Because at home as a poor person, he moved to Ubon Ratchathani to continue his studies.

open-hearted monk

from doing something reckless during his time as a novice causing the elders to call to warn them to act according to their status Therefore, changing the new Facebook page and not taking pictures in the wrong orientation to post again Until later turned 20 years old, he was ordained as a monk and came to the temple today. If asked, the mind is like a part of a woman. But did not do anything inappropriate.

When asking the villagers around this temple, they said is a monk who resides before the end of Buddhist Lent In the past, it looked like a monk with good skin. The appearance may be similar to a ladyboy. but did not see any bad behavior in the practice of monks or disgrace since coming to this temple When he saw the pictures in the past, he was shocked. But we have to look at the behavior of this image first.

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