“Crocodile” launches a new campaign for the rainy season with special promotions, free surveys throughout the year

“Crocodile” launches a new campaign for the rainy season with special promotions, free surveys throughout the year

Mr. Pongphan Prateepmanowong Assistant Managing Director Marketing Department, Crocodile Corporation Company Limited, a leader in the production and distribution of innovative products. For construction, repair and decoration, said housing or buildings that last a long time. Often facing problems with cracks, leaks, the company is the first. In a market that has always campaigned for this solution, the “Together Protect Decks and Roofs” campaign is part of the campaign. Use crocodiles together to protect the whole house. It is also a further development from the cracking, leaking and cracking marketing activities that the Company has organized in the past for the campaign “together to protect the roof and roof”, targeting homeowners. or project owners with roof and roof repair needs That may cause cracks, leaks, which are common during the rainy season of Thailand from May to July every year. It aims to show how crocodile products, when used together to repair and protect homes. Able to solve cracks, leaks, and seepage problems at the point, finishing work quickly, effective for buildings and is the market leader in solving this problem.

Mr. Pongphan said Highlight products for the campaign “Together to Protect Decks and Roofs” consists of Crocodile Flex Shield Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing (Single Mix Type) with high flexibility. Conceal cracks well, UV resistant, good weather resistance, non-toxic (Non-Toxic) can be painted over. Or can lay tiles over it. Crocodile Roof Shield High quality acrylic. Resistant to water for longer, more flexible than 500%, conceals cracks. convenient, easy to use Open the lid for immediate use Adheres to materials in a wide range of areas. Crocodile products, Repair Mortars, Structural Repair Cement, Crocodile Elastic Shield, Polyurethane Waterproofing, Crocodile Sealing Tapes, Floyd Butyl Waterproofing Tapes and Crocodile Poly- U Seal Polyurethane sealant

The highlight of crocodile deck and roof protection products The company will attach great importance to construction chemicals. make the product diversified professional technician by focusing on the development of technology Combined with new innovations Until making the Cement Base products of Crocodile is widely accepted and known. Answer all the construction and repair problems of cracks, leaks with quality, easy to work and finish the job well when using crocodile products together.

Mr. Pongphan said that the company has divided the target audience of this campaign to homeowners and project owners. to meet the needs of those who want to repair their residence or projects that require quality products Increase customer confidence The other group will be technicians and contractors who want quality products that are easy to use, can finish the job quickly and efficiently. The company has organized a special promotion together with 24FIX, surveying the job site for a preliminary assessment for customers for free. In terms of roof and roof repair work throughout 2021 for the product distribution channel will focus through dealers across the country Modern retail channels (Modern Trade) and online at Including customers who have problems with cracks and leaks, the company has also opened a channel for consultations from experts 24 hours a day, via chat via Crocodile’s Facebook Messenger & LINE Chat or Contact Center 02-720-1112.

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