Cross currents lead the way to the Silk Road, and the ancient Silk Road has a new opportunity – President Xi Jinping’s trip to Central Asia has achieved pragmatic and fruitful results

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CCTV News(News Network): From September 14 to 16, 2022, President Xi Jinping attended the 22nd meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) held in Samarkand, and was invited to conduct state affairs on Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan access. At the end of the trip, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi briefed the related reporters on the practical and fruitful results of the visit.

In the middle of the autumn term, President Xi Jinping embarked on a world-famous trip to Central Asia. This is the first visit of President Xi Jinping since the start of the new crown pneumonia. It is very significant and a special timing. It is a major diplomatic step taken by the CPC Central Committee to coordinate domestic and international situations and face the Eurasian continent. It is a milestone in a key historical landmark A meaningful visit. The opinion of the international public is very concerned and is reported intensively, and cooperation, security, development, openness, mutual trust, and respect have become keywords in the attention of the mainstream international media. International public opinion generally believes that President Xi Jinping’s first visit to Central Asia after the new crown pneumonia epidemic is of great strategic significance. The extraordinary influence shows that China’s international status and influence have been enhanced further.

In 3 days and 2 nights, President Xi Jinping flew to Nur-Sultan and Samarkand for 48 hours and attended nearly 30 events intensively. The multilateral and bilateral schedules were combined, and security and development issues were combined Although the time was short, the The highlights were It has been fruitful and fruitful, which has effectively promoted the expansion of the SCO to take new steps and led China’s relations with relevant countries to a new level. Cross-sea currents lead the way, and the ancient Silk Road has new life. In the environment of a turbulent international situation and an accumulation of risks and challenges, President Xi Jinping’s trip to Central Asia will add more vitality to the Silk Road that runs through the Eurasian continent, and bring more vitality to’ the international and regional situation at the crossroads. The stability factor has created more favorable international conditions for the new journey of building a modern socialist country in a general way, and it fully reflects the big picture and the great responsibility of the leaders of the great country and the great party to lead the times. .

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the SCO Charter and the 15th anniversary of the signing of the long-term agreement of good neighbourliness, friendship and cooperation among member states. Focusing on the new situation, new tasks, and new problems faced by the SCO and its member states, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Samarkand Summit, summarizing the successful experience of the SCO – demanding political mutual trust, demanding mutual trust. beneficial cooperation, and insisting on Treating each other equally, adhering to being open and inclusive, and adhering to fairness and justice, he noted that these “five attachments” fully embody the “Shanghai Spirit”, and also a practice of true multilateralism. ■ What type of new type of regional cooperation should be promoted and how to promote the new type of regional cooperation has drawn up a road map for the SCO and a new hope for cooperation.

With the joint efforts of President Xi Jinping and the leaders of the participating countries, the summit has passed more than 40 outcome documents covering the fields of economy, finance, science and technology, people-to-people engagement and cultural, building mechanisms, and foreign exchanges. In particular, under the promotion of China, the heads of state of the member states issued four major statements on maintaining international energy security, maintaining international food security, tackling climate change, and maintaining security, stability and diversification of supply chains. The measures are practical and meet the needs of different countries, reflecting that China is not only the initiator of global development initiatives and global security initiatives, but also an activist who implements the initiatives.

At this summit, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization presented a new round of the largest expansion of its members, which once again demonstrated the vitality, cohesion and attraction of the “Shanghai Spirit”. This expansion also fully demonstrates that the SCO is not a closed and exclusive “small circle”, but an open and inclusive “big family”.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are major countries in Central Asia, as well as China’s important northwest neighbors and comprehensive strategic partners, and the first countries to support and participate in the joint construction of the “Belt and Road” . President Xi Jinping visited Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan again after several years, and the two countries made his first visit since the epidemic, which fully demonstrated the high level and uniqueness of China’s relations with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as well as the close friendship and high trust between the heads of state..

The two heads of state attached great importance to President Xi Jinping as the most distinguished hotel, personally planned and located, and received them with the highest courtesy and standard. These special and warm arrangements reflect the political will of the two heads of state to be friendly towards China, as well as the deep friendship between the Kazakh and Uzbek people towards China.

The atmosphere of the talks between President Xi Jinping and President Tokayev and President Mirziyoyev was warm and friendly, with practical and fruitful results. Tokayev said that the visit of President Xi Jinping shows that both sides are committed to opening a new 30 golden years for Kazakhstan-China relations, which is of particular significance in the current turbulent and complex international situation and will certainly become a stone a new mile in history. o the development of Kazakhstan-China relations Kazakhstan will continue to firmly adhere to the one-China policy and be a good partner and friend that China can rely on under any circumstances. Mirziyoyev said that the historic visit of President Xi Jinping has elevated Uzbekistan-China comprehensive strategic partnership to a new level. China is Uzbekistan’s reliable friend and comprehensive strategic partner, and Uzbekistan is unswerving and very clear in its adherence to China’s one principle, and unswervingly support China’s position on core interests Uzbekistan will always be a good neighbor, a good friend and a good partner worthy of China’s trust.

China-Kazakhstan and China-Uzbekistan are launching and practicing the concept of a community with a shared future at the bilateral level as an integral part of building a community with a shared future for mankind, which will surely revive the millennia-old traditional friendship between the two. both sides, and better benefit the people of China and Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Regional peace, stability and development have contributed to China-Kazakhstan and China-Ukraine.

President Xi Jinping also held bilateral meetings in Samarkand with the leaders of the 10 countries attending the SCO Summit, and attended the China-Russia-Mongolia trilateral meeting. Among them are old friends who have met many times in recent years, as well as new friends who have met for the first time. They have many topics, detailed content and fruitful results. They have played an important role in lead the development of bilateral relations and promote regional peace and stability.

President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin held their second face-to-face meeting this year, and it was also the first time that the heads of state of China and Russia met on an international occasion since the start of the epidemic.

The heads of state of China, Russia and Mongolia held their first offline meeting in three years.

President Xi Jinping met respectively with President Zaparov of Kyrgyzstan, President Shcherdar Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan and President Rahmon of Tajikistan. This is the third meeting between President Xi Jinping and five Central Asian heads of state this year, which fully reflects the close ties between China and Central Asian countries.

President Xi Jinping also met with the leaders of Iran, Belarus, Pakistan, Mongolia, Turkey and Azerbaijan respectively, and reached many new important consensus on promoting the development of bilateral relations.

In response to the recent efforts of some countries to undermine China’s sovereignty and interfere in China’s internal affairs, the leaders of the above countries took the initiative to reiterate during the meeting that they will continue to firmly adhere to the one-China principle and fully support solidify China’s core interests in Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong, a position on the matter. This once again shows that justice is at home in the hearts of the people. China has a lot of help.

President Xi Jinping has gained more and more understanding, respect and recognition for China in the world with his far-sighted strategic vision, his broad open and inclusive mind, and his charisma of emphasizing love and justice.

The leaders of the countries who met with President Xi Jinping this time took the initiative to wish the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China complete success, expressing full confidence in China’s development prospects, hoping to comprehensively strengthen mutual cooperation with China, and looking forward to China’s role in international affairs. President Tokayev said that President Xi Jinping is a truly great leader and that he has the full support of the Chinese people. China will surely realize the great goal of building a modern socialist country in a general way as planned. President Mirziyoyev said that President Xi Jinping is a great statesman in the world today, and the Ukrainian side strongly believes that under the wise leadership of President Xi Jinping, China will not only get better today, but also better tomorrow

President Xi Jinping’s visit is based on the outskirts of Central Asia, faces the Eurasian continent, and has an overview of global changes. It is another successful practice and a vivid embodiment of Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thinking.

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