Crowning YK Motorsports the 7-Hour Touring Car Championship at RAAT Thailand Endurance

Crowning YK Motorsports the 7-Hour Touring Car Championship at RAAT Thailand Endurance

The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (RAAT) is delighting die-hard motorsport fans with the 2023 RAAT Thailand International Endurance Championship programme, setting the Chang International Circuit in Buriram Province as the opening stage of the season, sending 7 models to the full 7-hour speed contest of continuous

Starting with the Touring Car model, car number 19 of Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand driven by Natthaphong Horthongkam, Akarapong Akanee Nirot and Krit Wasurat started in pole position 2 Car number 44 of Aim Motorsports driven by Pruthirat Rattanakul Sereereungrit and Supoj Kasikam.

The third grid belongs to No. 4 of PTT Lubricants – VC Meat RPM-Nexzter by Kajornsak Na Songkhla, Akadej Techasataya and Praphot Chuenwijit, Grid 4 No. 9 of Redream Team by Thanong Leeissaranukul, Ekprawat Petcharak and Chaiwut Pungthong ends with grid, front 5, number 14 of YK Motorsports BBR By Sunoco, led by Nattanich Leewattanawarakul and Dechathorn Phuakarawut.

After Rolling Start No. 44 of Aim Motorsports took the lead, with the No. 19 car of Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand and the No. 14 car of YK Motorsports BBR By Sunoco following the accelerator. even lost the position in the first hour However, the Touring Car model, after 7 hours of contention, it appears that number 1 is the No. 14 of YK Motorsports BBR By Sunoco, winning the championship with a total of 207 laps.

Followed by the Compact model, another fierce strength Especially the head group With the leader owning the best time of the qualifying round, number 93 of the Fortron Nexzter Racing Team by Vattana MotorSport, starting in 6th grid, but in the end, the result of the work has not caught the eye, making number 88 of TÎM TEIN THAILAND become the 1st place champion in the Compact category with overall results, finishing 4th in the amount of 200 laps.

In succession, the production class with the best results, No. 78 of TEIN TEAM THAILAND, won the class with an overall position of 10 with 184 laps, while Eco class No. 22 of Kaizo-R Motorsports Team Nexzter by Ruk Service, and He led Time in the category, led one roll in 7 hours, finished 1st in the category and finished overall in 16th place with a total of 177 laps run.

As for the Toyota One Make Race, leading the army with the Vios model, which won number 1, was the number 35 of the Nexzter HGR Racing Team by VG x OTG, finishing overall in 15th place with 178 laps.

Vios Lady model performance, number 1 in the model, is number 49 of TMC-Drive68 By Woot Bang Bon3, finishing overall in 19th place with 175 laps.

As for the Altis class, it’s a win for No. 81 of TMC-Drive68 By Woot Bang Bon3, finishing 11th overall with 184 laps.

Finishing with a Yaris model with the model champion by No. 8 of the Redream Team, finishing overall in 28th position with 60 laps.


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