Crude oil prices jump more than 3% in response to Omicron not severe – Businesstoday

World crude oil prices rose 3.13-3.55% today, boosted by experts. Omicron strain is mild. Analysts expect US supply to be tight. While negotiations for the nuclear deal have not progressed

The price of foreign crude oil as of 8 Dec. 64 has been changed according to the type of reference as follows:

• West Texas (WTI) was $72.05/barrel, up $2.56, or 3.55%.

• Brent was at $75.44/barrel, up $2.36, or 3.13 percent.

Thai Oil Public Company Limited revealed that crude oil prices rose. After a senior US infectious disease expert said the symptoms of those infected with COVID-19 The Omicron species are also not very violent. As a result, the market expects that demand is likely to recover soon. can also spread more quickly than COVID-19 original species As a result, it has infected more than 40 countries around the world.

Analysts forecast the number of US crude oil inventories. At the end of the week on Dec. 3, it will drop 1.7 million barrels as demand recovers from concerns about the spread of COVID-19. new species amid tight supply

While negotiating a nuclear deal between Iran and the United States There has not been as much progress as the market had anticipated. As a result, Iran will not be able to export oil anytime soon. Meanwhile, Germany asks Iran to make realistic proposals for negotiating a nuclear program deal.


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