Crushed re-fashion… Full outdoor mask cancellation review and access PCR


The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be slowing down.

As a result, discussions on quarantine mitigation are at their peak.

Quarantine authorities have begun to review lifting the duty to wear masks in crowded outdoor places such as stadiums and abandoning PCR tests for incoming passengers.

Reporter Kim Min-hye.


47,917 cases had been confirmed in one day on Monday.

This was the lowest level in 10 weeks since the outbreak on Monday amid a decline in cases.

The infection reproduction index also remained below 1 for four consecutive weeks at 0.82, indicating that the spread of the virus has been significantly reduced.

Given that the situation is stabilizing, discussions to further ease the quarantine policy are also at their peak.

First of all, it is likely to lift the mandatory wearing of masks outdoors, such as concert halls and stadiums where 50 or more people gather.

This is in line with the point that the effectiveness of the outdoor mask regulation is low in a situation where food can be eaten in stadiums and other places.

If the measures are implemented, the obligation to wear an outdoor mask will be completely lifted.

“Since (wearing a mask) is the most basic preventive measure, it starts with a low risk of transmission… In the open air, the risk of infection is relatively low, so if the obligations that are rest, it is a situation that can be. be considered first.”

We intend to decide after discussion about stopping the PCR test on the first day after entering the country or prioritizing the removal of indoor masks for babies and young children.

“As we are fully aware of the side effects (infants and young children) of emotional, language and social development, in reviewing the relaxation of the obligation to wear a mask, after a thorough review”

However, there are observations that the lifting of the mandatory indoor mask and quarantine for confirmed patients will be eased later compared to other quarantine measures.

This is Yonhap News TV Kim Min-hye. (

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