Crying in the middle of the runway, summoning the generals at 4 o’clock after Prayut continued, Boyd said, ‘Anyway, the Prime Minister is illegitimate’

Crying in the Skywalk After Prayut continues A boy calls a 4 o’clock assembly, saying ‘No matter what, the Prime Minister is wild’

On September 30 at 2 pm at Skywalk, Pathumwan Intersection, groups of people along with Talufa Group, Coalition and Thammasat Assembly, Labor Network for People’s Rights and Us Volunteers (WEVO) group made an appointment to listen to the reading. The court will be on the 8-year term of the Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha will be held at 15:00 if the verdict comes out Gen continued. Prayut to serve as Prime Minister. There will be another meeting to show the power again at 4pm.

Atmosphere at 13.45, reporters reported that In front of the Bangkok Art Gallery, there are police officers from the Division of Protection and Crowd Control (KorKor.Kor.Kor.) of the Nor.4. On the skywalk, around 20 people, some from the media and protesters started to arrive.

Later, at 2:45 pm, Mr Thatchapong Kaedam or Boy announced through the amplifier that the judgment of the Constitutional Court will be broadcast live through a projector. Shot on a billboard in the Skywalk in front of the Bangkok Art Gallery, connected to a signal from the Constitutional Court Office.

At 2:55 pm, Mr. Thatchapong Regardless of today’s decision by the Constitutional Court, the status of Gen Prayut Chan-ocha is considered a pirate prime minister since August 24, and regardless of the decision that is made, today at 4 pm, it will our intentions are announced how to proceed

At 3 pm, Mr. Thatchapong Kaedum or Boy, Mr Shinawatra Chankrachang or Bright, Ms Thanaporn Wichan or Mai, leader of the Labor Network for People’s Rights and Mr Chaiyamorn Kaewwiboonphan or Ammy from the bottom blue attending the Constitutional Court ruling at the meeting. Skywalk in front of Bangkok Art Gallery.

Until 3:26 pm, the Constitutional Court ruled that Gen Prayut began to serve as prime minister from April 6, 2017, so until August 24, 2022, it was considered that Gen Prayut could continue to be prime minister.

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After the verdict, people raised three fingers and booed, with many people weeping across the skyway.

Then at 15.29 Mr. Thatchapong that If anyone is dissatisfied with the Constitutional Court ruling, gather at Skywalk at Pathumwan intersection at 4pm.

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