crying mother hugging The barracks should pay more attention. after the son is seriously ill Come back to die at home – fresh news

crying mother hugging The barracks should pay more attention. After the son was seriously ill, suffering for 3 months, he was sent to the doctor only to take medicine. I finally knew it was cancer. come back home

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On January 27, 65, Mrs. Manasan Terrell, 53 years old, villagers in Non Din Daeng Subdistrict, Non Din Daeng District, Buriram Province, complained to the media that son who is a soldier Died from untreated want to be a sample case to each barracks You should take better care of your subordinates.

Ms Manatnan said that in 2020, Mr Sittisak or Jay Thongtha, who at that time was 21 years old, was enlisted in the military. So the son applied without drawing lots. because he wanted to be a soldier, in September 2020, his son was sent to a camp at Royal Thai Air Force Defense Regiment Royal Thai Air Force Command in Pathum Thani Province which will have to stay in the military for 1 year because they have applied during the camp The sons will contact each other on the phone and chat with each other on line all the time.

during the last 3 months before discharge The son began to tell him that he was sick and had a severe headache. muscle pain Notify the trainer several times. was sent to the doctor I can only take medicine to eat at the camp. But it didn’t heal from the pain. but did not dare to tell the trainer for fear of being punished So it was necessary to send painkillers from home. Each day, the son will inform via Line that throbbing pain all over the body I feel very sorry for the child. but can’t do anything can’t visit and forbade his son to go home because it is during the epidemic of covid-19

Mrs. Manasan told through tears that Finally, the son reached his discharge on September 2, 64, by chartering a van to take him home and then detained for 14 days at Non Din Daeng District. His son was seriously deteriorating and had to be taken to Non Din Daeng Hospital. Then he was sent to Nang Rong district until the doctor found a disease in the lymph nodes. before being sent to the hospital for treatment Buriram Center Hospital and died on the night of September 30, 1964

That they came out to sing the media this time. I don’t want to blame anyone Not asking for money, but wanting to be a parable Because it’s almost time to recruit soldiers in April. that I want each army camp to take care of their own children should not be ignored like his son who do not know what disease they have because they didn’t get the right treatment.



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