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[Newyddion pêl-droed domestig]The 39th division of the Meiji Yasuda J2 League will be held on October 1st and 2nd. Albirex Niigata and Yokohama FC have won automatic promotion, and the battle for the right to participate in the playoffs is also fierce.

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4 games left. The J2 league is uncertain what will happen, but the battle for automatic promotion to J1 is drawing to a close.

Fagiano Okayama in 3rd place had a big loss. Okayama faced Zweigen Kanazawa in enemy territory, but in the 19th minute, forward Kyohei Sugiura scored from a long ball, making it a tough affair. They both held up once in the first half, but when they conceded an own goal in the 52nd minute they managed to complete a brilliant counter attack in second half injury time. Okayama, who lost 1-3, were defeated with automatic promotion a long way off.

As a result, Albirex Niigata, who could have gained promotion in this game if they won, were drawn against Montedio Yamagata, but promotion will be decided if they accumulate one point in the remaining three games in the rice field. In addition, 2nd place Yokohama FC, who won and narrowed the point difference with the leader to 1, will be promoted if they win the next round.

It lost to 3rd place Okayama and 4th place Roasso Kumamoto in the battle for a playoff berth. However, Okayama has already decided to participate in the playoffs even if it does not enter the automatic promotion zone.

5th place Oita Trinita won 3-1 against V-Varen Nagasaki, who are aiming for a place in the play-offs. We extended the points to 63 and got 3 big points. On the other hand, Vegalta Sendai, who lost to Tokyo Verdy, has 59 points, Montedio Yamagata 7th, who lost in this round, has 56 points, and Tokushima Vortis, who beat FC Machida Zelvia, has 56 points. , and they are in 6th place and below The battle is a big mess. Position 9 JEF UNITED Chiba, who beat Mito Hollyhock, and Nagasaki in 10th place have 55 points, and it looks like a fierce battle will unfold until the end.

In the fight for relegation, Thespakusatsu Gunma defeated Omiya Ardija in a head-to-head clash and moved up to 19th place. They have widened the gap to 21st place Iwate Gruja Morioka to “5” and are making great progress towards the rest.

In the middle of the week, a match between Omiya Ardija, who wants a win to get out of the battle for relegation, and Montedio Yamagata, who cannot lose because they are in the play-offs, will be held. With this, each team will have the same number of games, so it is possible that the result of this game will change the course of the game.

■ Results of Section 39 of the J2 League

Yamagata 1-1 Niigata
Gunma 1-0 Omiya
Kofu 0-1 Tochigi
Tokushima 3-2 Machida
Ryukyu 0-1 Yokohama FC
Oita 3-1 Nagasaki
Kumamoto 1-2 Akita
Sendai 0-2 Tokyo V
Mito 0-1 Chiba
Kanazawa 3-1 Okayama
Yamaguchi 2-2 Iwate

J2 standing

* At the end of Section 39

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