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[표]Cryptocurrency price (provided by cryptocurrency exchange Upbit)

Currently, according to the cryptocurrency exchange “Upbit”, the price of Bitcoin, the leader of the virtual currency, is trading at 49,438,000 won, up 89,000 won (0.18%) from the previous day.

With the exception of Bitcoin, the trend of cryptocurrencies is predominant.

There are a total of 9 cryptocurrencies showing an upward trend, and Quantum, which shows the largest upward trend, is trading at 12,060 won, up 19.88% from the previous day.

Also, Decargo (16.05%, KRW 188), Dogecoin (14.83%, KRW 271), Ethereum Classic (9.34%, KRW 66,840), Ripple (5.81%, KRW 911), MediBloc (5.74%, KRW 81.1) ), Ethereum (4.84%, KRW 3,487,000), EOS (3.92%, KRW 5,170), and Bora (2.28%, KRW 269) showed an upward trend.

There are a total of five cryptocurrencies showing a downward trend, and among them, Bitcoin Cash ABC, which has the largest decline, is trading at 68,320 won, down -6.83% from the previous day.

Also, PlayDapp (-5.26%, KRW 1,170), Exci Infinity (-4.31%, KRW 47,060), BitTorrent (-2.26%, KRW 4.32), and Flow (-1.35%, KRW 25,520) showed a downward trend.

Meanwhile, in terms of transaction amount, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, and Ethereum are showing the most active transactions in that order.

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