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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash ABC Rising 754 from the previous day

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[표]Cryptocurrency price (provided by cryptocurrency exchange Upbit)

Currently, according to the cryptocurrency exchange “Upbit”, the price of Bitcoin, the leader of the virtual currency, is trading at 57,065,000 won, down -618,000 won (-1.07%) from the previous day.

With the exception of Bitcoin, the trend of cryptocurrencies is predominant.

There are a total of 9 cryptocurrencies showing an upward trend, and among them, Bitcoin Cash ABC, which shows the largest upward trend, is trading at 104,550 won, up 7.54% from the previous day.

In addition, Decargo (6.12%, KRW 208), PlayDapp (6.06%, KRW 1,225), Flow (4.24%, KRW 28,510), DunProtocol (3.78%, KRW 4,800), Bitcoin Gold (3.12%, KRW 89,960) ), Exi Infinity (2.78%, 88,490 won), Bora (2.23%, 275 won), and Ada (1.22%, 2,905 won) showed an upward trend.

There are a total of four cryptocurrencies showing a downward trend, of which the serum showing the biggest decline is trading at 9,020 won, down -2.17% from the previous day.

Also, Ethereum Classic (-1.64%, 80,850 won), Dogecoin (-1.31%, 377 won), and Ethereum (-0.39%, 3,820,000 won) showed a downward trend.

On the other hand, in terms of transaction amount, Bitcoin Cash ABC, Exci Infinity, and Ripple are showing the most active transactions in that order.

Lionbot reporter -Korea Economic TV※ This article was written in real time by Korea Economic TV and ‘Thinkful, a financial AI specialized company’.

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