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Cryptocurrency market reorganizing… ‘Report Repair No. 1 Exchange’ will be released around August.

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At least 60 domestic business exchanges
There are only 4 real-name accounts, including Bithumb.
Report until September to continue business
The Financial Services Commission, when the application is submitted, will be promptly reviewed.

Bitcoin plunged more than 36% this month alone
Recorded the largest drop in monthly basis in 10 years

On the afternoon of the 28th, cryptocurrency prices such as bitcoin are displayed on the monitor at Bithumb Gangnam Customer Service Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Newsis

Domestic cryptocurrency exchanges, which are currently counted as more than 200 out of 60, must secure real-name customer accounts by September 24 to be able to do business in Korea afterwards. The financial authorities are in a position to reorganize the cryptocurrency market, centering on operators who have reported early, by promptly reviewing them upon receipt of a report from a cryptocurrency exchange, and it is expected that the first cryptocurrency exchange to which the financial authorities have accepted the report will be released as early as August.

According to the financial authorities and related industries on the 30th, cryptocurrency businessmen are managed to protect information in accordance with the Act on the Reporting and Use of Specific Financial Transaction Information to the Financial Information Analysis Institute (FIU) under the Financial Services Commission by September 24th. You must file a declaration including system (ISMS) certification.

There are about 60 cryptocurrency exchanges identified by the Financial Services Commission as operating. Among them, about 20 places that have received ISMS certification are only one-third of them, and only four large exchanges such as Bithumb, Upbit, Coinone, and Kobit have finished operating real-name verification accounts.

These four major exchanges must also submit a report to the Financial Information Analysis Institute in order to continue their business after the revised Special Special Act on September 24th. In order to report, even if a real name account is linked, a’real name confirmation account confirmation’ must be issued again through bank evaluation. Although they operate a real name confirmation account confirmation, they have not yet been issued.

NH Nonghyup Bank (Bitsum Coin One), Shinhan Bank (Cobit), and K Bank (Upbit), which provided real-name accounts to the four major exchanges, are based on the guidelines of the Federation of Banks. Evaluation and due diligence on such items are in progress.

Exchanges that have prepared a real name verification account confirmation will submit a report to FIU as early as next month. The FIU’s review period usually takes about 3 months, but if the review is shortened due to the policy of prompt review, the’No. 1’cryptocurrency exchange may appear as early as August.

Bitcoin’s price, which reached an all-time high in April, surpassing $62,000 in April, has plummeted by 36% in May. The picture is a bitcoin price chart in the’Bithumb’ lounge, a domestic virtual currency exchange located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. News 1

On the other hand, it was analyzed that Bitcoin, which serves as the’bigger’ as the number one market capitalization in the virtual currency market, plunges more than 36% this month, recording the largest drop in 10 years on a monthly basis, and an analysis was raised.

According to CNN Broadcasting and Reuters on the 28th (local time), the price of bitcoin has plummeted more than 36% so far this month, recording the largest decline on a monthly basis since September 2011.

Bitcoin surpassed $64,000 last month, and the domestic cryptocurrency exchange also exceeded the 80 million won mark, making an all-time high, but it has plunged several times as bad news hits this month, and is now at half a level.

According to CoinDesk, a cryptocurrency information site, the price of Bitcoin was $35,579.48 as of 3:30 pm on the 30th, down 3.52% from the previous 24 hours. The domestic cryptocurrency exchange also has a sideways movement between 41 million and 42 million won.

Bitcoin, which seemed to have reached a record high of 100 million won in the past month, was not far away, and ironically, it was the “mouth” of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who led the rapid rise of Bitcoin this year.

The price of bitcoin soared even further after the news in February that Musk had bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin. However, on the 12th, Musk pointed out the negative impact on the Bitcoin mining environment and suddenly declared that he would stop paying for Tesla electric vehicles through Bitcoin, and Bitcoin began to slide.

Afterwards, the U.S. Treasury Department mandated the IRS report on cryptocurrency transactions of more than $10,000, and attempted to evade cryptocurrency taxation, and the Chinese authorities continued to declare a policy to crack down on bitcoin mining. Got down.

Reporters Nam Jung-hoon and Kim Jun-young [email protected]

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