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[표]Cryptocurrency price (provided by cryptocurrency exchange Upbit)

Currently, according to the cryptocurrency exchange “Upbit”, the price of Bitcoin, the leader of the virtual currency, is trading at 72,319,000 won, down -1,094,000 won (-1.49%) from the previous day.

Except for Bitcoin, cryptocurrency trends are mixed.

There are a total of eight cryptocurrencies showing an upward trend, of which the storage showing the largest upward trend is trading at 2,860 won, up 82.75% from the previous day.

In addition, Anchor (20.17%, KRW 143), ZeroX (11.72%, KRW 1,525), Quantum (8.77%, KRW 16,860), Ethereum Classic (1.84%, KRW 64,130), Wax (1.82%, KRW 504), Ripple (1.56%, KRW 1,305) and Civic (1.24%, KRW 572) showed an upward trend.

There are a total of 6 cryptocurrencies showing a downward trend, and Decentraland, which shows the largest decline among them, is trading at 3,260 won, down -23.2% from the previous day.

In addition, Chiliz (-21.83%, KRW 487), Sandbox (-16.0%, KRW 1,785), PlayDapp (-11.24%, KRW 1,500), Flow (-6.44%, KRW 16,550), Ethereum (-1.33) %, 5,063,000 won) showed a downward trend.

Meanwhile, in terms of transaction amount, PlayDapp, Decentraland, and Storage are showing the most active transactions in that order.

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