Cuba back on US ‘terror list’ World | Deshabhimani

The United States has re-listed Cuba as a “country that promotes terrorism.” Five and a half years ago, the Obama administration removed Cuba, which had been on the list for decades. But just a week before the Trump administration stepped down, Cuba was re-listed for lying.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that since the beginning of the communist government in Cuba, the United States has focused on denying its resources and resisting its intervention in Venezuela and other parts of the Western Hemisphere. The Cuban government is denying resources to prevent the oppression of the people. But for three decades, the UN General Assembly has been overwhelmingly demanding an end to US sanctions. In 2019, 187 out of 193 members supported the Cuban resolution. Only Israel and Brazil opposed the United States.

Pompeo claimed that Cuba was on the list because it continued to support international terrorism and harbor terrorists. The move is aimed at tightening the six-decade-old US embargo on Cuba. On May 13, the State Department notified the US Congress that Cuba had violated its 2015 commitment. He is accused of not cooperating with US counter-terrorism measures in 2019. He is accused of aiding the Venezuelan government, which is facing the threat of a US coup. Another is that the ELN, which the United States brands as a terrorist, arrived in Cuba in 2017 for peace talks with the Colombian government. Pompeo said the United States would continue to support the opposition to overthrow the Cuban government.

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