Cube iPlay 40 5G 10.4 inch TV Show Tablet

In October, Disney + and Netflix have launched many new dramas, which is very busy for drama fans. Cube iPlay 40 5G has launched a few entry-level Android tablets that support 5G networks. It uses MTK Dimensity 720 processor and 10.4-inch 2K resolution screen. The price is 2,000 yuan. It is very convenient to watch TV shows.

The iPlay 40 5G is an entry-level tablet, but its performance is quite good. It uses a Dimensity 720 processor from MediaTek MTK Taiwan. Antutu has a running score of 340,000 points. Of course, there is a certain distance to compare the performance of Apple’s iPad, but the operation of iPlay 40 5G is quite smooth, and there is no slowness problem of cheap tablets. And the 2K 10.4-inch screen is bright enough to watch movies and play games.

Support 5G mobile network, no need to wait to download files.

The biggest selling point of iPlay 40 5G is, of course, that it supports 5G mobile networks, and supports the dual generation of a dual card, which can be used to make calls and, if necessary, to hold web conferences. However, it should be noted that the SIM card slot uses a Micro SIM card, not the nano SIM that is often used in mobile phones, so please pay attention when inserting the SIM card.

There aren’t many choices of Android tablets on the market, and only a few models support 5G mobile networks. Although the iPlay 40 5G is an entry-level product, the operation is quite stable and there is no lag. Although the screen does not support HDR technology, the sound and picture experience of watching movies is also good. As a leisure tablet for watching TV shows, it is a good choice.

SPEC specification.

OS: Android 11
Screen: 10.4-inch 2K 2,000 × 1,200 resolution screen
Screen Brightness: 380nits
Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 720 processor
Memory: 6GB RAM
Memory capacity: 128GB (microSD card supported, maximum capacity 2TB)
Network connection: Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.1 5G, dual standby dual card
Battery capacity: 6,000mAh
Charging port: USB-C 18W
Size: 156.5×246.7×8.2mm
Weight: 475g

Price: $1,999

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