Cultural tourist complex “Chengene Skele” welcomes one of the largest sports events in Bulgaria this year

On June 3, the Chengene Skele Cultural Tourist Complex will host one of the largest sports events in Bulgaria this year. For the third year in a row, more than 500 triathletes from Bulgaria and abroad will compete in Rosenets Park.

They will compete in the “Lion Heart Utopia Cross Triathlon”. The triathlon is part of “Burgas Sport Fest 2023” and is organized by “Lion’s Heart” Association, SNC “SK Active Life”, Utopia Forest Hotel, with the support of Burgas Municipality, and is expected to attract nearly a thousand spectators. The competition starts on June 3 at 9 am. The first discipline in which the triathletes will embark is swimming in the water area of ​​”Chengene Skele”. There will be a mass start and a spectacular entry into the water. The participants will swim the water area of ​​”Chengene Skele” twice. Each lap is 750 meters long (1500 meters in total). The second stage of the competition is cycling in Rosenets Park and Strandzha Mountain. The total length of the cycling route is 40 km. The last discipline in the triathlon is a 10 km run in Rosenets Park itself. The route passes through extremely scenic areas scattered throughout the park. After the end of the competition, the official award ceremony will follow, which will end with a memorable party with the participation of Burgas favorites Disho and Vanyo, warmed by DJ Rainbow. Entrance to the party-event is free and the organizers invite all citizens of Burgas and guests of the city to join it. “For the third year in a row, we are organizing this incredible event, attracted by the rapidly developing and increasingly refined Rosenets Park and Chengene Skele Cultural Tourist Complex.” One of the goals of the “Lion Heart” Association is to promote natural and cultural attractions through sports. The activity of the association started in Primorsko and grew to Rosenets thanks to our ideas and collaboration with Utopia Forest and SNC “SK Active Life”. Our task is for all 500 participants, in addition to testing their strength in the competition, to recognize the area as a place for family and sports tourism. We thank the Municipality of Burgas for being our partner for the third year in a row, because without their help, it would be difficult for such a sports event to happen”. The largest cross triathlon in Bulgaria is about to be held, which will take place on September 1-3, 2023. in Primorsko, commented the organizers of the “Lion Heart Utopia Cross Triathlon”.


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