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Time Cupid Synopsis for Channel One drama, Love that has become a triangle because our times never match when he needs time But she didn’t have time to wait. Another stepped in at the wrong time. complexity arises Wait to see the moments of happiness, suffering, sadness, loneliness, smiles that will fill you with every emotion. You can watch it every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:20 PM. First episode starts on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.
cupid time

Time Cupid, Channel One drama

Synopsis of Cupid’s Time

The story of Tham (Tri Pharaphat), a young man who has a knot with an old love that used to rush and fail. making him not want to rush to love anyone But Cupid was playing a joke. Let him fall in love with Treenut (Fern Noppachira), a young woman whose burdens in life force her to wait for nothing. when people who do not want to hurry You have to meet someone who doesn’t want to wait. Therefore, this relationship cannot go on.

Especially when Touch (Toy Pathompong), the perfect older brother But there are some secrets hidden. stepped between his love and her This love has become a very complicated love triangle that brings many problems.

How will the love of Tham and Trinut go on? Will his and her days come together in order to be able to love each other again? Stay tuned for more in the drama. cupid time that airs every Wednesday – Thursday at 8:20 PM on Channel One cupid time First start on Wednesday, March 23, 2022

  • Storyline by : Takonkiet Virawan, Pimmada Patanalongkorn, Pimsirin Phongwanichsuk, Nontaporn Praphaporn
  • Screenplay by : Pimmada Patanalongkorn, Pimsirin Pongwanichsuk, Nontaporn Praphaporn, Aung Arun Samitsuwan
  • Directed by: Jarivat Upakarnchaiyapat

List of leading actors in the drama Cupid Time

  • Pharaphat Srikajondecha as Tham
  • Nopjira Rerkkajornnamkul as Treenut
  • Pathompong Ruenjaidee as That
  • Komkrit Duangsuwan as Arjun
  • Sarucha Petchrot as Jitwadee
  • Atichanan Srisawak as Marisa
  • Pasut Phongphasut as Shane
  • Rachata Hampanont as Sarut
  • Daw Dao Jaruchinda as Anong
  • Apiradi Phawaputanon Na Mahasarakham as Yada
  • Pimphan Chalayankup as Warangkana
  • Kwanruedi Klomklom as Pannee
  • Watchara Pan-iam as Uthai
  • Supachai Suwanon as Athip
  • Chanakan Apornsuthinan as Lieutenant Colonel Danthai
  • Asaran Ma as Karun
  • Chatchawan Petchwisit as Phichit
  • Chanakanan Rakcheep as Pok
  • Arisara Wongchalee as Attorney Pailin (Guest)
  • Suchao Pongwilai as Chao Sua Pattana (Guest)
  • Trakan Phanthumlertrujee as Karn Jirasak (Guest)
  • Phutharit Prombandan as Bo Dee (Guest)
  • Suthon Boosamsai as Witoon (Guest)
  • Pasin Ruangwut as Director Winai (Guest)
  • Poramate Noi-am as Mr. Lee (Guest)
  • Chermarin Cole as Bai Por (Guest)
  • Ekkanai Jaisaat as Kawin (guest)

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  1. With or without translations to English or Francais or Espanol or Italiano or Romano or Portugues the series still and amazing eye catch. Keep up the good work… for the love of
    Buddha try on translating for the international viewers. Love From Florida, Puerto Rico.

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