Home Tech Curiosity rovers have a rare glimpse of Martian cloudy days.

Curiosity rovers have a rare glimpse of Martian cloudy days.

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NASA Agency Wandering Curiosity I just discovered an unusually cloudy day on Mars. An image of “bright” clouds (created by light-reflecting ice crystals) that agencies began to appear on the Curio City site from the end of January. They will be walkers on Earth, but they are famous for planets with very thin atmospheres, leading to their own discovery.

The mission team decided that these clouds were higher than usual on Mars and floated much higher than 37 miles, attracting ice to the planet. This increases the likelihood of dry ice clouds formed from frozen carbon dioxide that could reveal more of Mars’ sky.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

NASA says the clouds are easier to see with Curiosity’s black-and-white navigation camera, but the color mast camera provides the best gloss.

This may not be the most dramatic event on Mars currently. However, this is not a set of images where the planet is fixed. Mars is a dynamic world of constantly changing weather, even if it is not as vibrant as its distant past.

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