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Kochi: Saiju M, the main accused in the murder case of former Miss Kerala winner models in a car accident. Thankachan’s statements and mobile phone lead investigators to newgen crimes centered in Kochi city. Inspections are progressing on flats and resorts that are clear from scenes of chemical use. Police and excise are conducting joint inspections with the aim of registering a case if drug use is detected.

In Chilavannur, Saiju and his accomplices found a modern gambling den in a flat organized by a drunken party. Winners receive cards in lieu of cash. The group’s practice handing out these cards to the winners in cash or on drugs. When asked about the footage found in a secret folder on Saiju’s mobile phone, the statement led the investigation team to Heera Heights.

” The 4 videos of September 7, 2020 are the video of the party attended by Amal Pappadavada, Nazleen, Salahuddin Moineen and Sheenu Meenu in the flat rented by Salahuddin at Heera Waters in Chilavannur. Anu Gomez was found lying on his back in the same flat yesterday with a MDMA5 line in the middle of his body.

These statements marked a turning point in the investigation. The investigation team also received information that the women named in these statements were leading women and college students to drug gangs in the city. It is hoped that by questioning them further they will be able to find the links of the big racket that ensnares women and girls. The investigation shows that Saiju’s statements regarding drunken parties are credible.

Saiju also blackmailed and extorted money

Saiju M. Thankachan, the main accused in the case that led to the accidental death of the models, also blackmailed drug users and extorted money. The couple, who ran a medium-sized hotel in the city, were also involved in Saiju’s scam. Defendants were blackmailed into copying private scenes of victims during drug use. The couple, who were regular members of Saiju’s drunken parties, were the target of the blackmail.

Most of the victims’ private scenes were filmed at after parties held at the Fort Kochi Hotel No. 18. Defendants allegedly filmed private scenes of first-time party attendees secretly mixing drugs in a boiler. The same couple also posted on social media that the No. 18 hotel was whitewashed after the accidental death of the models.



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