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[Epoch Times February 18, 2021]Hello, everyone, welcome to “Current Affairs”, I am Fuyao. Today is Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

Mr. Rush Limbaugh, an American conservative radio host with tens of millions of fans, died of lung cancer today at the age of 70. Last year, former President Trump (Trump) awarded Limbaugh the highest honor “Med of Freedom” during his State of the Union speech. Trump still praises today, he is a legend. Limbaugh expressed his distrust of the big government and bluntly said that the leftists are manipulating and lying.

The Associated Press reported that the US Department of Homeland Security has seized nearly 10 million fake 3M brand N95 masks in hospitals and medical departments in at least five states. The most recent investigation took place in a warehouse on the East Coast, and these masks have been sold to hospitals, medical facilities and government agencies in at least five states.

Reuters reported that the US Department of Justice said on Wednesday that it was investigating three North Korean computer programmers. They have carried out large-scale hacking attacks, stealing more than 1.3 billion U.S. dollars in currency and cryptocurrency from banks to Hollywood movie studios.

After President Bi came to power, the U.S. warship sailed through the disputed Xisha Islands in the South China Sea and then sailed freely near the Nansha Islands in the South China Sea. The US Navy’s Seventh Fleet issued a statement stating that it is defending the right to freedom of navigation at sea recognized in the International Law.

Next, we will talk to you on the topic: Biden wants to speak for human rights, but he is defending Xi Jinping? Biden said he would not speak out against the CCP’s evil actions in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which aroused criticism; He Jinli’s acting as president has triggered speculation about Biden’s health; Trump’s popular support rate is still very high, and he is fully fired. , Urged McConnell, the leader of the minority party in the Senate, to step down; and the CCP scolded Britain for “sweeping the pot” and secretly blocking Taiwan’s access to vaccines.

Biden speaks for human rights but defends Xi Jinping?

Today, the new president of the United States, Bibi, has made the headlines of major media, and controversy about him has spread all over Twitter and other social platforms. What happened?

Yesterday, during his visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Biden attended a civic conference TV program hosted by CNN. It mainly talked about how the new government will respond to the CCP virus (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) pandemic and how to revitalize the US economy. He was also asked. Here comes the conversation with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

And this part of the CCP is the main cause of controversy.

Following a question from the host Anderson Cooper, Biden said that he and Xi Jinping discussed Xinjiang and human rights issues. He said, “We must speak up for human rights. We are such a country.”

But he went on to say, “If you understand some of China’s history, when China was hurt by the outside world, it was when there was no unity in their country. Therefore, Xi Jinping tried his best to exaggerate this point. His central principle is: there must be one A unified and strictly controlled China. What he does is based on this principle.”

According to Biden, Xi Jinping’s totalitarianism and repression at home are all aimed at unifying the country and resisting foreign invasions. This is simply the standard answer given after studying the CCP textbook.

What does it mean to speak up for human rights now, and explain and defend Xi Jinping’s behavior for a while?

Biden wants to express American values ​​but does not oppose the CCP’s evil deeds?

Biden hasn’t stopped there yet. What he said next was even more puzzling.

He said, “I told him (Xi Jinping) that if the president of the United States does not express American values, it will be difficult to sit in the presidential seat. Therefore, I “do not intend to publicly oppose” what he did in Hong Kong. What the Uyghurs do, as well as to Taiwan… He (Xi Jinping) said he understands this. Every country has its own cultural norms, and they expect their leaders to follow the relevant norms.”

Is it very difficult to understand?

We contacted Biden’s context. Since he mentioned that he is the President of the United States and wants to express American values ​​and comply with his country’s cultural norms, then he should “openly oppose” the CCP’s evil against Hong Kong, Uighurs and Taiwan. OK, it makes sense logically, doesn’t it?

However, what Biden actually said was “I do not intend to oppose it publicly.”

We don’t know if Biden accidentally told the truth, just like before, or if he made a mistake without knowing it?

Subsequently, the host Cooper pulled back to the topic and asked whether the CCP has faced any consequences for its human rights violations. Biden replied, “China (the CCP) will bear the consequences, and he (Xi) also knows this.”

In a short paragraph about the CCP, Biden’s answer is full of contradictions.

Is the CCP’s trampling of human rights a “cultural norm”?

Due to the unclear expression, the public’s interpretation of this interview is also completely different.

We have seen that the mainstream media has maintained a consistent friendly attitude towards Biden. The title of the article is roughly “Biden said China will bear the consequences for human rights abuses.” Some media have also actively adjusted the context of their speech to make the article look logical. Smoothly, and omitted the sentence “I do not intend to publicly oppose…”.

But on Twitter, this interview fragment still caused an uproar. Many people understand what Biden means: He is not opposed to what the CCP does, because every country has its own cultural norms, and the CCP’s behavior in Xinjiang and other places belongs to “cultural norms.”

Rebeccah Heinrichs, a senior researcher at the Hudson Institute, tweeted, “The “different norms” of one person (in the mouth) is the genocide of another person (implemented).”

Former President Trump’s strategic adviser, Boris Epshteyn, also commented on this interview and said, “1. Terrible; 2. Why did Biden’s team let him out?”

Former Secretary of State Pompeo said in an interview with Fox News today, “The kind of discourse that thinks that this is just a different set of norms is China (the CCP) propaganda line. They (the CCP) hope you think this is just a quiet country. , The system may be a little different. The truth of the matter is that they (the CCP) are trying to destroy the entire nation.”

We know that many countries have boycotted the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics because of the CCP’s genocide of Uighurs in Xinjiang. The Associated Press also reported yesterday that Guy Saint-Jacques, the former Canadian ambassador to China, called on the United States to take the lead.

So is the Biden administration willing to take the lead? It’s really hard to say.

Biden: Was there a vaccine until I took office, or did I misremember or lie?

Regarding the topic of the Chinese Communist Party, it was not the only controversy that Biden had in yesterday’s interview. When talking about vaccines, Biden also said this: “When we took office, there was no vaccine.”

This is simply incredible, because on the afternoon of December 21 last year, Biden himself received the first dose of the Chinese Communist virus vaccine, and the whole process was broadcast live on TV.

After the vaccination, Biden also praised the work of the Trump administration, saying that they “swiftly initiated the vaccination through “speed action.”

Now, did Biden remember it wrong, or did he openly lie?

Trump’s son, Trump, tweeted, “Where are the fact checkers on this matter? Oh, yes, they only check one aspect of the facts.”

Biden does not see foreign leader He Jinli in person for the presidency

Judging from the above two things, Biden seems to be in a bad state of mind, as the outside world has always speculated. The next two things we are going to say have deepened people’s guesses.

The first thing is that White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki said yesterday (16th) that Biden is unlikely to receive foreign leaders in the White House “within a few months.”

She was asked if Biden would meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau soon. But Trudeau’s office announced last month’s call with Biden that the two had agreed to “see you next month.”

Psaki explained, “As we all know, you can meet through video.”

Another thing is that Vice President Kamala Harris recently called the heads of state of many countries. Such things are generally done by the president, and it is very rare to be represented by the vice president.

On Monday (15th), the White House issued a statement saying that He Jinli had a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron and discussed bilateral and multilateral cooperation, response to the virus pandemic and climate change.

The statement did not mention President Biden.

Earlier this month, He Jinli also had a phone call with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.

He Jinli’s call to foreign heads of state attracted the attention of conservatives. The media “National Pulse” criticized that “It is weird that the vice president has contacted the world’s major leaders within a few weeks of the new government.”

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka also tweeted, “I’m curious, who is in charge?”

Xie Tian, ​​a chair professor at the Aiken School of Business at the University of South Carolina in the United States, speculated that He Jinli “would take my place, which means that Biden may be sick and retire soon.” ( =20)

Trump approves McConnell’s full firepower

At the same time that Biden’s health was being questioned by the outside world, former President Trump was fully fired.

On the afternoon of Tuesday (16th) Eastern time, Trump issued a statement through the “Save America” ​​Super Action Committee, accusing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) for being the Republican Party losing the Senate in 2020. s reason.

The statement said, “With a “political leader” like Senator McConnell at the helm, the Republican Party can no longer be respected or strong” because he “lack of political insight, wisdom, skills, and personality.” People and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “played between the hands.”

The statement added that McConnell does not have any credibility on the China issue because his family holds a large number of Chinese business shares. He did nothing against this huge economic and military threat.

Trump said at the end, “This is an important moment for our country. We cannot use third-rate “leaders” to determine our future!”

In the second impeachment trial against Trump, although McConnell voted for Trump’s innocence, he said after voting that Trump has “practical and moral” responsibility for this deadly siege of Congress.

McConnell also left the possibility that even if Trump is acquitted by the Senate, he may face civil or criminal charges.

Yesterday, Democrats have already filed lawsuits against Trump and Trump’s election defense lawyer Giuliani on this basis.

Polls: 75% of Republicans expect Trump to play a leading role

Although he was impeached twice and continued to be besieged by Democrats, Trump’s popularity among the public and the Republican Party has not diminished.

For example, this Monday, hundreds of supporters gathered in West Palm Beach, Florida, to celebrate President’s Day and Trump was found not guilty in the impeachment trial. They carry the Trump 2020 flag and the American flag, and others wear red MAGA (Make America Great Again) caps.

In addition, Quinnipiac University (Quinnipiac University) conducted a nationwide sex poll from February 11th to 13th.

The results of the survey found that 75% of the Republicans surveyed hope Trump will continue to play a leading role in the party, while only 20% of the Republicans surveyed said they did not.

Poll analyst Tim Malloy said that from the data it can be seen that “He (Trump) certainly has not lost the favor of the Republican Party. After two impeachments, he was slandered by Democrats in trial, and he was almost on social media. Suppression… Despite this, Donald Trump still maintains a firm foothold in the Republican Party.”

Senior Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News on Tuesday (16th) that Trump is the most influential person in the Republican Party. Without his support, the Republicans will be in 2022. The chance of regaining the majority of seats in the Senate in the mid-term elections in 2015 was “very slim.”

Variant virus combined!More infectious and drug resistant

After talking about the United States, let’s pay attention to the latest news about the epidemic.

The US “Los Alamos National Laboratory” recently discovered that the British variant strain “B.1.1.7” that has swept the world has merged with the new variant strain “B.1.429” originating from California. Form a “new variant virus combination”.

This is the first time humans have discovered a combination of two different variant virus strains after the outbreak of the CCP virus.

Bette Korber, a computer biologist who discovered this phenomenon, said that the mutant virus combination combines the more infectious “B.1.1.7” and the “B.1.429” that can fight antibodies, which is probably contagious. And drug resistance is higher.

Sergei Pond, a professor of biology at Temple University in Pennsylvania, said, “When this happens at a considerable rate, the epidemic may be reaching a tipping point.” But he believes that it is still There is no evidence that the variant virus combination has spread widely.

The CCP scolds Britain for “throwing the pot” to prevent Taiwan from obtaining vaccines

The global epidemic has become more and more complicated. So what is the CCP doing to cause the virus to spread to various countries?

We saw that it continued to shake the pot and made small movements behind its back.

Today, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told the BBC that China (the CCP) must cooperate with the WHO on the issue of virus traceability. He said, “We want to see full cooperation.”

It was such a civilized and reasonable request that attracted the CCP war wolf.

The spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the UK counterattacked that since the outbreak, “China has always adhered to an open and transparent attitude.” During the WHO expert group’s visit to Wuhan, the CCP “provided strong support and assistance.”

He also claimed that “China firmly opposes the politicization of the epidemic and the stigmatization of China by relevant countries, and it firmly opposes dumping blame on China.”

The spokesperson of the Communist Party of China really performed the words “upside down black and white” all the time, throwing the pot all over the world, and using this word on other victims.

So when it comes to the CCP’s “small actions behind its back,” it has something to do with Taiwan.

Today, Taiwan’s Minister of Health and Welfare and the commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, Chen Shizhong, said in an interview with a radio program that Taiwan had originally purchased 5 million doses of vaccine from the German BioNTech company. The contract was signed soon and the press release was written, but Changes may have occurred due to pressure from China.

Although Chen Shizhong did not directly state that the CCP is behind the scenes, he hinted that there are political reasons behind it.

He said, “Some people don’t want Taiwan to be too happy, so they stopped.” Taiwan has many difficulties in purchasing vaccines, and he “has hardship.”

The reason given by BioNTech is that “there are internal opinions and the issue of international vaccine distribution has to wait.”

Anti-American watch loyalty?Tianjin ordered all party members to watch anti-American dramas

The CCP is also attacking the wolf outside and bullying Taiwan, and it is not idle at home.

In the past two days, a photo circulated on the Internet showing that the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China suddenly issued a notice on the 14th, requesting all district committees, district governments, and non-governmental organizations to watch the CCP’s anti-American TV drama “Across the Yalu River”. Report to your superiors before February 18th.

Some analysts believe that Tianjin’s move is obviously to appeal to Zhongnanhai, one is anti-American, and the other is loyalty.

According to a report by Radio Free Asia, July 1 this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CCP. In order to create an atmosphere, the CCP will launch a series of publicity activities in the next month or so.

However, the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China has taken the lead in showing its loyalty.

Monsoon, an independent scholar in Beijing, stated that the authorities will express their positions on excuses whenever there are problems in Sino-US relations, but these positions are not aimed at the United States, but aimed at ordinary people in China.

Regarding the CCP’s continuous high-profile propaganda of the Korean War, Song Yongyi, a scholar of contemporary Chinese political history, said in an interview with Free Asia earlier that this shows that the current CCP has entered into a “war mind” just like the Mao Zedong era.

He said, “If a normal society enters the mindset of war and revolves around illusory wars, what will it cause? It will cause disasters for the people in the country. The CCP is still hitting such a “wrong time and wrong place”. “A wrong war” was brought up as their glorious history. The first is of course funny, and the second is that it will have consequences. This consequence is to cause damage to the people in the country.”

Leftover men in rural areas rationing leftover women in cities? Netizens do not agree!

In addition to the officials who are busy intensifying the brainwashing campaign, the CCP experts are also very busy, and they are also concerned about major “people’s livelihood” issues.

Due to the CCP’s family planning policy, the ratio of men to women in rural China is seriously imbalanced. On the other hand, rapid urbanization has led to a large number of rural people entering cities. It is easier for rural women to find objects in cities, while it is relatively difficult for men.

In response, Xinhua News Agency, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, issued an article on the 15th, discussing how to solve the problem of surplus men in rural areas.

According to the article, Wu Xiuming, deputy secretary-general of the Shanxi Think Tank Development Association, suggested that, in the long run, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas and between regions can simultaneously solve the problem of more men left in rural areas and more women left in urban areas; The remaining men “export” to industries and regions where women are concentrated, or arrange cross-regional blind dates to solve some gender structural problems.

Wu Xiuming’s suggestions aroused criticism from netizens.

Someone asked, “Are you supposed to breed chickens and ducks?”

Some people also say, “Marriage and love are a matter of three perspectives, not a match in the city!” “It is recommended that the daughter of an expert marry first!”

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