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Unlike Intel’s motherboard chipset, AMD creates a chipset that can use the processor by dividing it into three segments whenever it releases a processor. In the case of the recently released Ryzen processor, codenamed Raphael, an AMD 700 series chipset motherboard is used, and the AMD 500 series chipset and the AMD 300 series chipset are mixed and sold to use Socket AM4 Ryzen 5000 series processor. However, the AMD 300 series chipset is almost discontinued, and AMD 500 series chipset motherboards are currently sold as the main products. However, since the AMD 500 series and the AMD 300 series chipsets physically have the same pin number, motherboard manufacturers are responding to the processor market by quickly moving from 300 series chips to 500 series chipsets.

Asrock A320M-HDV R4.0 – Aswin

▲ Brief specifications: AMD (Socket AM4) / AMD A320 / M-ATX (23.0×20.1cm) / Power supply: 6 phase / Memory DDR4 / 3200MHz (PC4-25600) / 2ea / Memory capacity: Up to 32GB / expansion slot VGA Connection: PCIe3.0 x16 / PCIe Version: PCIe3.0 / PCIex16: 1 / PCIex1: 1 / Storage SATA3: 4 / M.2: 1 / SATA / PCIe / NVMe / Rear Terminal D-SUB / DVI / HDMI / USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / RJ-45 / Audio Jack / PS / 2 / LAN / Audio Realtek RTL8111H / Max Gigabit / RJ-45: 1 / Realtek ALC887 / 7.1 Channel (8ch) / UEFI Features

The IO shield configuration of this motherboard is characterized by the number of USB ports and three ports for screen output so that both Ryzen processors can be used with or without Vega graphics core. In particular, since it supports DVI and even D-SUB, an analog screen output method, you can connect and use an old legacy LCD monitor.


See BIOS ASRock A320M-HDV R4.0

▲ The Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G processor and the Ryzen 5 5600G processor can be recognized and used in the latest BIOS version.

■ Now from AMD A320 chipset to A520 chipset

The ASRock A320M-HDV R4.0 motherboard introduced in today’s article is a discontinued model that is not currently available for purchase. As a successor to this motherboard, you can buy the ASRock A520M-HDV. The price of this motherboard is around 90,000 won for the Swin product. Comparing Danawa and other product information, it has the same design, but it is the same clone model, including the power supply. In particular, for Ryzen processors that can use built-in graphics cores among AMD Ryzen processors, DVI and D-Sub finally have HDMI ports, so even if you use an old monitor, you can build a Ryzen system cheap cost effective.

The external differences between the A320M-HDV main board and the A520M-HDV main board are only the white sprites printed on the main board PCB base, LAN controller, audio controller, M.2 2280 slot, and headers variable pin on the bottom edge of the The location, type and number are 100% the same. The reason why it can be used even if the motherboard design is the same is because the A320 chipset and the A520 chipset are “pin to pin”, that is, physically identical. So motherboard manufacturers can sell it right away by making a customized BIOS for the A520 chipset.


While the A320 chipset is discontinued, the A520 chipset motherboard supports all previous generation Ryzen processors using the AM4 socket, and has recently been updated to the new AGESA version to increase XMP memory compatibility and stability By updating the P2. 30 BIOS, which solves this non-output phenomenon, it is positioned as the most cost-effective mainboard that can use the current Ryzen processor that can be equipped with the latest graphics card.

ASRock A520M-HDV – Ezwin

▲ Brief specifications: AMD (Socket AM4) / AMD A520 / M-ATX (23.0×20.1cm) / Power supply: 4+2 phases / Memory DDR4 / 4733MHz (PC4-37800) / 2 units / Memory capacity: up to 64GB / VGA Connection Expansion Slot: PCIe3.0 x16 / PCIe Version: PCIe3.0 / PCIex16: 1 / PCIex1: 1 / Storage SATA3: 4 / M.2: 1 / SATA / PCIe / NVMe / Back Terminal D- SUB / DVI / HDMI / USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / RJ-45 / Audio Jack / PS/2 / LAN / Realtek Audio RTL8111H / Max Gigabit / RJ-45: 1 / Realtek ALC887 / 7.1 Channel (8ch) / System Fan I /O Internal Header (4-pin): 2 / USB2.0 Header: 2 / USB3.0 Header: 1 / UEFI Feature / TPM Header


In Intel and AMD chipset motherboards, the change in internal specifications is greater than the external ones, which change a lot as generations change. Representatively, the increase in the number of USB 3.2 paths has increased the number of PCIe lanes recently and the change in version (from PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 4.0) is the most significant. However, since this main chipset board itself has sub-specs that can be bought at the lowest price, it is difficult to feel the difference in performance due to this change in the internal specification. This is because the specifications of computer peripherals installed or installed on this main board are low.

Ryzen 5 5600 (codename Vermeer) and Ryzen 5 5600G (codename Cezanne)

Therefore, AMD’s A320 or A520 chipset motherboard is gaining popularity among those who want to build a Ryzen system that can be used lightly at home or in the office rather than buying a high-end computer by purchasing hardware that requires high specifications. So, in fact, when using this motherboard, it is better to use the “Ryzen 5 5600” and “Ryzen 5 5600G” processors, which are currently the most cost-effective processors. They are about 173,000 won and 186,000 won. Although there are actual processors for the corresponding processors, if possible, buying a multi-pack product and configuring a Ryzen system seems to be the way to get the best performance with a low budget.

And these two processors have a TDP of 65W, and this power consumption can be said to be the standard of the processor, and even the basic cooler can hold the heat of the processor enough, so if you buy this processor, it is for a tower which uses a heat pipe It is a good processor in terms of cooling as there is no need to buy and install a separate cooler.

▲ Ryzen 5 5600G brief specifications: AMD (Socket AM4) / 4th generation (Zen3) / 7nm / 6 cores / 12 threads / Base clock: 3.9GHz / Max clock: 4.4GHz / L3 cache: 16MB / TDP: 65W / PCIe3. 0 / Memory Specification: DDR4 / 3200MHz / Built-in Graphics: Built-in Graphics / AMD Radeon 7 / Technology Support: SenseMI , Ryzen Master / Cooler: Wraith Stealth included



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