Customs Plaza; If the queue is more than 100 metres, the vehicle should pass without toll

Kochi: The High Court has directed the central government to consider implementing the guidelines of the National Highways Authority to allow vehicles in that lane to pass without paying toll if the queue of vehicles is more than 100 meters in any lane of the customs plaza. A division bench comprising Justice Muhammad Mushtaq and Justice Shobha Annamma Eepan issued the order in appeal citing the traffic congestion and delay in clearing the queue of vehicles at Paliekkara Toll Plaza in Thrissur.

Nitin Ramakrishnan, a native of Palakkad, had asked in an appeal to implement the guidelines in the policy circular issued by the National Highways Authority on May 24, 2021, including the service time at the toll plazas. The central government’s lawyer said that the central government’s explanation will be given on how to allow vehicles to pass through the plaza without any hindrance and delay. The National Highways Authority circular states that the number of toll booths and lanes should be ensured so that the service time in the toll plazas does not take more than 10 seconds even during peak hours. If the queue is more than 100 metres, vehicles should be allowed to pass without a toll. This should be done until the queue is within 100 metres. For this, a yellow line should be marked at a distance of 100 meters from the toll booth in each toll lane. The provisions should be displayed in a visible manner.

English Summary: Kerala HC on the toll plaza queue