Cut the eggplant in front of the coffin and find the lucky number.

On November 25 at Nong Saeng Subdistrict, Nong Saeng District, Udon Thani Province, the funeral place for Mr. Somparn Surankul, 41 years old or Sia Toey Former husband, Mrs. Wanlee Panyasai, 48 years old, “Je-O-90 million” before moving the body to the crematorium at Thep Sathit Nimitmongkol Temple. Or Wat Pa Ban Kham Bon Moo 4, Kham Bon Subdistrict, Nong Saeng Subdistrict, Nong Saeng District, Udon Thani Province At the back of the house the funeral was held at the back of the house. Has come to cook food for the feast, offering food for the monks and feasting the guests who come to the event

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And put the eggplant into the food tray in front of the Sia Tei coffin yesterday When he came across it, he found a mark similar to the numbers 26, 25 and 35 and was prepared to gamble on the lottery in the coming draw.

Mr. Thanon Suranakul Sia Tei’s brother revealed that after the cremation of the younger brother was finished Tomorrow morning, we will collect relics In the beginning it will be contained in the parent element. But the abbot said that Sia Tei had said that if anything was going, he had to take the ashes of himself and his parents to the Mekong Gate. But the abbot of the temple said that it was a pity for the expensive elements Therefore told relatives to take the ashes of Sia Tei Packed at the door of the Mekong temple

As for the ashes of the parents, Sia-Toei gave them the same place And after completing the collection of relics Tomorrow evening Will make merit and give rice to his brother In which there will be entertainment in the fields of Mo Lam Or Mor Lam Sing to perform as well


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