Cyber ​​police coordinated with “Dew Arisara” to question – wait for the person to make a decision. not a summons

Mr Piya Sriwika, director of AMLO’s 2nd Litigation Department, revealed after the meeting that today he is meeting with the Royal Thai Embassy regarding the application of money laundering laws to be relevant in online gambling crimes. Including setting guidelines for confiscation of assets caused by crime

At this point, the AMLO will come to help, including checking and Is the property acquired related to the commission of a prediction crime or how? Having said that, now the number of online gambling crimes have been detected has increased. Thousands of millions of baht are intertwined with financial paths.

in partMacau 888 mustwaiting for a review According to the procedure, the police will take the information And the behavior of the criminals was passed to the AMLO for investigation, which from the initial opinion in this case is clearly wrong. The verification may take some time. it must be traced back from the first account where the crime was successfully committed to the last account that benefits and has to go back and check the financial trail since before the website was established during the crime that there are financial trails unusual Those who help or receive property illegally is considered a crime under The same is true of the money laundering law.