CyberAgent renews SNS avatar application brand “Pig Party” Renew service logo and brand images | gamebiz

cyber agentannounced that the SNS avatar app “Pig Party” has undergone a brand refresh for the first time since the start of the service, renewing the service logo and brand images, and establishing a brand mission.

“Pig Party”, launched in 2015 as a derivative service of the avatar service “Ameba Pigg”, which is the predecessor of the Metaverse, is a virtual space where you can “wear” your favorite pig (avatar) and change As well as being able to play “gae”, it is an SNS avatar application that allows you to communicate with friends in real time, and has expanded its service mainly among teenagers.

In this renewal, a new brand mission was established with the aim of moving “Pig Party” to the next stage, and the service logo and brand images were renewed. “Parti Moch” will continue to strive to implement services that more people can enjoy.

■About brand mission

“Keep creating a place where you can express your “like””
We have established a new brand mission based on the service value that Pigparty has provided so far. The “Pig” brand has a long history starting with “Ameba Pig”. This brand mission expresses our intention to continue to provide new value for “PigParty” while inheriting the good qualities cultivated during the operation of the Pig Service.

By going beyond the boundaries of the real world and releasing individual expression and identity through avatars and virtual spaces, we hope that the community in the world of “Pig Party” will sometimes become a place where one can play an active role or a place of healing. It includes the desire to provide services so that it will be a comfortable place to stay.

About the new logo and visual brand

So far, Pig Party has used an original emerald green as its main colour, and developed a cute logo and images focusing on a female character called Claire. There was a problem that the picture was too mixed with the creative of the picture.

In this renewal, while inheriting the cuteness and familiarity of “Pig Party” until now, we will develop services not only for teenagers but also for a wide range of ages, and make Pigs and the space as attractive as possible. a design that was aware of “neutral” was adopted.

The logo has been changed from a circular text and emerald green color to an achromatic logo with a slightly smaller circle. The logo is designed to give a neutral impression without being too assertive, even when combined with images of cheeks and spaces, without limiting the users or the viewers.