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Cyberstep delivers the second α test of the completely new open world sandbox RPG “Terabit”! | gamebiz

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On October 12, Cyberstep started the second α test of the completely new open world sandbox RPG “Terabit” on the PC game platform “Steam” for the whole world.

Anyone can participate in the second alpha test by installing the client from the Steam store page below. Based on the opinions of everyone who participated in the previous α test and the content that was being developed, we added functions and adjusted the balance.

■ Implementation period October 12, 2021 (Tuesday) 15:00 to October 29, 2021 (Friday) 15:00 (planned)
Main function additions / adjustments / changes from the first α test
–Addition of functions

1. Improvement of block installation ・ It became easier to snap to the block already placed when the block was installed.
-The avatar is transparent when the block is installed, making it easier to see where it is installed.

2. Addition of voxel type avatar and addition of original avatar creation function ・ Voxel type avatar has been added to the avatar list.

-You can now use voxel-type avatars created with MagicaVoxel.

3. Multiplayer support ・ Multiplayer can be selected from the start of the second α test.
* Since multiplayer is a function under development, many functions have not been implemented yet.
–Main balance adjustments and changes 1. The levels and materials required to build large ships and flying boats have been changed.

2. In the second α test, large ships and flying boats will not break on a trial basis.

3. The time zone of the monsters that appear at night has been shifted back.

4. Hook shots are now available in the air.

5. The standard altitude for falling damage has been increased.

6. Adjusted the appearance rate and reserves of ore.

7. Increased the timing to execute auto save.

8. The condition for sleeping in bed has been unified to “when there are no monsters around”.

9. Adjusted parameters such as bow / arrow and bomb.

10. The bracelet acquisition route has been changed to a treasure chest / shop, etc.

11. A stationary item has been added on a trial basis that prevents monsters from appearing nearby.

12. An item that temporarily goes unnoticed by monsters has been added on a trial basis.

* Because it is under development, the contents may be changed.

An image / video contest will be held!
An “Image / Video Contest” will be held during the second α test period. All images and videos related to terabit are eligible for application.
(Example of target content)

・ Images and videos of playing in the game
・ Images and videos of buildings created in the game
・ Image when using the original avatar in the game
・ Videos ・ Furniture images, videos, and illustrations that I wish I had in Terabit made with MagicaVoxel You can participate repeatedly, and those who win will receive an Amazon gift certificate of 500 yen and will win a prize on the official website. Introducing the work.

■ Posting period October 12, 2021 (Tuesday) -November 4, 2021 (Thursday)
■ How to participate 1) Follow @teravit_jp 2) Post on Twitter with images and videos related to terabit and the hashtag “#teravitcontest” for the contest.

● About application tweets ・ Comments are free when posting.
・ There is no limit to the number of applications.
・ The number of images can be any number from 1 to 4.
・ Post the video using a video posting service such as “YouTube” or “Twitter (video tweet)”, and include the URL of the posted video in the application tweet.

■ Prizes Each prize: Amazon gift certificate for 500 yen

* Winners will be announced and prizes will be distributed at any time during the contest period.

Get the latest information by adding to “Follow” and “Wish List”!
The latest test information, event information, development information, etc. will be posted on the store page at any time. Be sure to add it to your “Follow” or “Wish List” to be notified when the download is available and to get the latest information as soon as possible.

■ About “Terabit”
“Terabit” is a multiplayer open world sandbox RPG that aims to subdue the Demon King while being guided by an 8-bit goddess in a vast world.

The world of “Terabit” is a sandbox-type open world game built with voxels, and by crafting various items and building buildings, the range of ways to fight and play with monsters will expand. increase. Sometimes idyllic cityscapes, and sometimes evil monster forts and dens await you.

■ Steam store page


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