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cyber crime<3810>is a brand new open world sandbox game “Terabit”, and has started to play a trial of “Build Mode”, which allows you to experience world creation functions with a high degree of freedom, from November 10, 2022. Anyone can participate in the trial play on the PC version.

“Terabit” official website.

In “Build Mode”, you can freely create your own world by deciding on a landscape and biome theme, generating a world, and freely placing blocks and buildings in that world. From the content released in the previous beta test, functions specializing in many building functions have been added, and it is possible to create a world with a larger scale and a higher degree of freedom than ever before.

In Terabit, development is underway with the policy of not only adventuring in the ready-made world, but also allowing players to create their own world and set and enjoy various ways of playing freely.

Expanding build mode functions is the first step of this policy. Through this test play, we would like to improve the world production in Terabit and improve the function so that more players can enjoy it in the future.

■ Implementation period
・ November 10th to December 8th 15:00

■ Supported languages

■ How to take part in the test
Anyone can participate by downloading and installing the build mode trial play installer from the official website.

Trial play details page


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