Cyberstep, PandaShojo developed a novel game “Menhera Ensemble – Needy Girlfriends -” released on Nintendo eShop!

cyber crimehas started distributing the novel game “Menhera Ensemble -Needy Girlfriends-” developed by the novel game brand PandaShojo on December 22, 2022 in the Nintendo eShop (1980 yen).

promotional video

I want to experience loving someone to death.
“Menhera Ensemble -Needy Girlfriends-” is a visual novel that makes such wishes come true.
The beautiful girl game released in 2017 from the brand “Noirsoft” has been remade for the platform “PandaShojo” so that various people around the world can enjoy it.

◆ Summary
Valentine’s day. The main character, Shoya Ichijou, meets Shizuka Tojo, a student in the same grade, by chance.
Apparently, she couldn’t get the person she had a crush on to accept the chocolate.
If you comfort her like that, you’ll receive that chocolate instead.
After that, the two of them became friends, but Shizuka’s love became more and more excessive.
In addition, a childhood friend with a strange boyfriend, a radio girl who believes that Shoya is her destined partner, and two menhera heroines join forces, and Shoya’s relationship becomes ridiculous.
Shoya’s life had changed dramatically. From the moment I got the chocolate…

◆ Character introduction
・Shizuka Tojo

[Myfyrwraig benywaidd sy’n tywallt gormod o gariad ar y prif gymeriad]
A mature personality. Therefore, his love is heavy.
I’m not good at expressing my feelings honestly and am often misunderstood.
Starting to worry about Shoya because of Valentine’s Day…

・Ryoko Mizuhara

[Ffrind plentyndod gyda deuoliaeth o normal ac annormal]
A childhood friend who likes Shoya.
On the surface, she is a normal girl, but when it comes to Shoya, her personality changes dramatically, revealing her crazy nature.
He also has a stalker temperament, and is constantly looking for Shoya’s hobbies and interests.

・ Mitsuki Shimano

[Merch Gothig Lolita sy’n derbyn tonnau radio o gariad]
Radio wave girl with strong assumptions who likes gothic lolita clothes.
He arbitrarily thinks that the main character is his destined partner and runs into erratic behavior.
It seems that the two of them are already dating…

・Nintendo eShop

◆ Game overview
Title: Ensemble Menhera – Necessary Lovers-
Supported platforms: Nintendo Switch
Planned platforms: PC (Steam), iOS, Android

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