[Cyfyngedig lleol!Sgwrs Yoshio Miura]It was Yuma Kagiyama who gave me advice just before … The bond between Shun Sato and “Hogeta” – Figure: Nikkan Sports Premium

[Cyfyngedig lleol!Sgwrs Yoshio Miura]It was Yuma Kagiyama who gave me advice just before… The bond between Shun Sato and “Hogeta”

[Colorado Springs (UDA) 12fed (13eg amser Japan)]Yoshio Miura (17 = Oriental Bio / Tokyo, Meguro Hidaka), who played the youngest in the history of the tournament, responded to an interview with the local media overnight on a rice field. Memories and thanks to coach Shoichiro Tsuzuki, who laid the foundation for jumping, Yuma Kagiyama, who gave me advice just before the free skate, and friendship with Shun Sato, who finished 3rd in the tournament, and until age that “Hogeta”. The main questions and answers are as follows.

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〈Interview of 4 Continent Championships overnight / Men’s singles champion Yoshio Miura〉

Top men’s singles results 

Yoshio Miura makes a gesture immediately after her performance

Yoshio Miura makes a gesture immediately after her performance

“The last time Hanyu won was 4 Continents…surprisingly.”

–did you sleep well.

MiuraNo, doping tests are after it’s over, so I feel like I just fell asleep.

――How does it feel to be a champion?

MiuraWell, I got my medal yesterday, and when I came back to see it, I realized that I had become a champion.

――The 3rd place last year. How different is 1st place?

Miura1st place is a special position for me. Of course, if it was last year, I would have been very happy to get 3rd place. This year, I was only aiming for gold like this, so I’m very happy that I got a gold medal, and I think I was able to step up from last year and get a medal with a good color.

――Hanyu-san, among the many titles, the last one is 4 Continents. Miura’s first was the four continents. How do you get out into the world from here?

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Born in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture. Participated in the American football Koshien Bowl in the fourth year of Waseda University.
He joined in 2004. Transferred from the Culture and Society Department to the Tohoku General Bureau, he interviewed pitcher Shohei Otani of Hanamaki Higashi High School and Kosei Gakuin, who won the Koshien second prize for three consecutive seasons. From November 2013, he joined the Sports Club after leaving the Organizing Club.
In the soccer team, he was responsible for the Japanese national team in Sendai, Kashima, Tokyo, Urawa, the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and the 2018 World Cup in Russia.
Olympic Team as of January 2020. Covers the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee and fencing in the summer, and figure skating at the Beijing Olympics including Yuzuru Hanyu in the winter.
Since April 2010, he has also been responsible for judo and American football, his long-time desire.