Cynthia Nixon reflects on what got sex and the wrong city • Instinct Magazine

Cynthia Nixon reflects on what got sex and the wrong city • Instinct Magazine

The “Sex and the City” star has recently launched a new film called “Stray Dolls”, which recently started at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film is a dark drama about human trafficking, and it is a great pleasure as it gives an insight into Cynthia's return to action. She never retired, but she took a lot of enthusiasm to achieve a political desire – the Governor's New York race.

Nixon lost that election but established herself as an incredible political force to be included, both selfish and self-confident. Now that the campaign is about, she wants to promote her new theater work through a series of interviews, but not to share her strong political positions on a variety of topics, including a critical look back at the iconic HBO series, Sex and the City.

The show was a big hit, of course, which proved very popular with women and gay men around the world – everyone who seemed to have at least one character in the show, unlike all one of them. Fantasy of a kind that existed around four "white lady, money," as Nixon pointed to Indie Wire. She raises the racist clarification as part of her response when asked in questions and questions how did she think the show could be made differently today in 2019?

Sex and the City – Photo: HBO

While the profound actor was never able to move language, her public commentaries were measured more during the tender she made in Gubernatorial City in New York against the holder Andrew Cuomo. She now loves her honest opinions, without filtering her, sharing them without fear of coming out of a political race.

“Well, I think we wouldn't be all white, God forbid,” she said. “One of the most difficult things for me – it was at the time, too – he's looking back and looking at how much of money is aimed, right? And how, Steve, my [character’s] husband, as the closest person to us was a man of the work force, you know? Do not mind a working class woman, right? ”

The show proved very popular, and this time was great to live in New York City as we often saw the cast filming around the town and especially in Chelsea, the West Village, and the area. Meat Packing – through popular neighborhoods with strong LGBTQ presence. That said, I remember sometimes that the Manhattan show is as varied as it was.

Sex and the city – Cover Blu Ray DVD

Where were the Asians, blacks and Latinos? Guests were present with some va flava ’here and there, such as when Samantha thought she could be a lesbian after attracting her from Brazilian artist Sonia Braga. And then there was the time when Blair Underwood gave sexy to Miranda – played by Cynthia Nixon, the first idealistic love. Otherwise, the main characters did not interact with different ethnicities.

Nixon's self-verification is a feminist that fuels his interpretation of the show she put in her bonus TV star. Although she accepts the show and is proud of what she and her family have created, she recognizes that the series was slightly schizophrenia. On the one hand, a show about women empowerment was – that was the angle feminist, however, in a city like New York, it was a rather false when there rarely came the white women together with people who were not able .

Blair Underwood & Cynthia Nixon / HBO Blair Underwood and The City

“There was so much debate [‘Sex and the City’] He came out of the show feminist or not, I thought that was always stupid – of course, show existing feminist. But I think that many of the failures in the feminist movement there. So it's like white women, who are fighting for their empowerment. In a little bubble. ”

Despite the fact that Cynthia is looking back, Sex And City fans are loyal, yet, and they always love the show. I am one of those fans forever too. I look at the re-run whenever I can on syndicated networks, even with all those funny voices to make them family friendly. I recently saw an incident where Samatha referred to her anatomy for the word “p * ssy,” but in a bad result, “pancakes!” Was replaced by “pancakes!”.

Anyway, Sex and the City were the same, and he embraced the authentic, playful energy of the 90s in New York City. During the day the show was held, it was a common question among his fans: “Which of you, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte?”

Which “SATC Character Are You?” Of Buzzfeed

I like to consider that I all mix a little – the perfect balance of being intellectual, prissy, funny and tramp – wearing $ 2000 shoes I can't pay, in an apartment in New York City I can't And wearing cosmo cooling, as a hot man named 'Big Mister', continues around me everywhere.

Sure, it could happen – nothing is possible in New York.

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