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Cyphers opens a new battlefield to pull the sagging second half

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▲ Representative image of Cyphers (Photo provided by Nexon_)

Neople held an online showcase to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Cyphers on the 9th. The main contents of the summer update and future service directions were revealed through the event.

First of all, a new battlefield awareness gap is added through the summer update. The gap of awareness can be entered through the door of awareness that appears randomly across all obstacles, and exclusive troopers and sentinels appear.

The reason why the production team is adding a ‘gaps of awareness’ to the battlefield is to alleviate the tension in the second half of the fight. Through the gap of perception, tactics such as taking a combat advantage when enemies are annihilated are possible, enabling faster and more anomalous tactics than before. In addition, in the gap of awareness, a mysterious monster with supernatural power and viciousness, with unknown substances on its back, also appears.

▲ Cyphers 10th Anniversary Showcase (Video provided by Nexon)

In addition, Antarius unveiled a new female character with the concept of a successful work obtained from an experiment through the gate of perception. Detailed information about the character will be revealed later.

In addition to this, the main contents are reorganized. First of all, the ‘official battle’ of the siege war, which used to be in units of 6 months, is divided into two detailed seasons in units of 3 months. After the first season is over, we plan to adjust character balance and reorganize additional battlefields, so that the distinguishing power of siege battles after the regular season is clearly revealed.

Seasonal rewards also change. The official match now consists of three rewards: first achievement rewards, first season rewards, and second season rewards. The first achievement reward is provided when a high rank is achieved for the first time during the season, and the first and second seasons are for users who consistently participate. After finishing, you will be rewarded to decorate your profile icon.

In addition, changes for users who have difficulty entering the official war, such as the early completion of the placement test, will be applied to increase the rating value of the official war by changing the party limit standard and reducing the number of legend hero grades.

The 10th anniversary event will be held. All users who log in to Surfers by July 15 will receive a battle equipment voucher (150 days), equipment expansion 200 slots (5 pcs), an optional origin box (10 pcs), and an optional Luna Rabbit Black (1 pc).

During the same period, when a personal mission is accomplished through a mission event, a loading poster (14 pieces), a new SD poster, and a Belzer loading poster specially produced for the 10th anniversary are provided. When a group mission with multiple users is accomplished, a full unique pack (10 pcs), a full consumable pack (10 pcs), terra silk (10 pcs), an optional origin box (2 pcs), and a costume design (10 pcs) are provided. . If you complete all group missions, you will receive an optional Luna Rabbit Black, Full Style Attack Box (2 pcs), and Master Design (10 pcs).

Director Kim Tae-soo, who oversees the development of Cyphers, said, “I sincerely thank the development team, the voice actors who worked hard for character voice acting until the 10th anniversary, and the talented people who cared for and loved Cyphers.” I will do my best to make games and do my best so that I can be with you in the next year.”


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