Czech! “Preliminary symptoms of covid omicron” if there is a sore throat, phlegm, how to treat?

infected with covid, what to do? Omicron or Omicron strain It’s a fast-spreading strain of coronavirus. but had mild symptoms, with those whoCheck ATK up 2 lines. There will be a cough, sore throat and some people will have a lot of phlegm, whichsymptoms of covid omicron will have few symptoms and flu-like Today we will bring to Czech.latest covid 19 symptoms readyHow to treat COVID-19 symptoms

What are the latest symptoms of covid 19? What are the Omikron species?

Omikron has few symptoms, but spreads quickly. Most of the symptoms of infected patients are strains. “Omicron” in Thailand are:

  • dry cough
  • sore throat
  • have a fever
  • muscle pain
  • runny
  • headache
  • difficulty breathing
  • smell decreased
  • Patients infected with COVID-19 The “Omicron” strain in Thailand has flu-like symptoms. and mild symptoms

I’m infected with covid, can I get it again?

People who have previously been infected with COVID-19 despite having natural immunity But it can still be infected with covids BA.4 and BA.5 because this strain is resistant to the immune system. and can dodge the landscape The existing landscape may not be sufficient to prevent re-infection. especially in people who are not vaccinated or not receiving all 3 doses of vaccination, will be a group that is easily infected or has a higher chance of re-vaccination than the group who received the full vaccine Department of Medical Sciences Therefore, it is recommended to increase the booster vaccination as a 4th dose because there are foreign data that show that BA.4 and BA.5 strains if received the booster vaccination will have less symptoms than those who did not. This means that the vaccine is also effective in preventing serious illness and death.

Rajavithi Hospital, Department of Medical Affairs pointed out that phlegm is a thick, sticky substance like mucus that the body normally produces. But it will increase in quantity when there are some illnesses. especially respiratory diseases

Dr. Nuttaphong Wongwiwat, deputy director-general of the Department of Medical Services, said that many COVID-19 patients tend to have wheezing. or feel that there is mucus in the airways or coughing with mucus all the time As a result, the breathing to bring oxygen into the body is not effective enough. Therefore, it is imperative that the patient remove these mucus from the respiratory tract. This can be done in a number of ways.

How to treat covid omicron if you have a sore throat and mucus

Method 1 Coughing to drain phlegm performed in patients with no underlying disease

  1. sit on a chair Lean forward slightly and inhale and exhale normally 3-5 times.
  2. Take a deep breath to the fullest. by focusing on the rib cage
  3. Hold your breath for 3 seconds while contracting your stomach.
  4. Open your mouth and press your chin down. make a circle mouth with a strong cough and as long as the last breath exhales
  5. Take a break by breathing in and out, usually 3-5 times.

Method 2, sputum discharge by exhaling This is done in case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma.

  1. sit on a chair Lean forward slightly and inhale and exhale normally 3 times.
  2. inhale normally Then exhale from the throat through the mouth vigorously. (Open your mouth, press your chin down. Make a circle with your mouth) and contract your abdominal muscles. Until the last breath, repeat 3 times.
  3. Breathe in and out normally 3 times until the tiredness is gone.
  4. may repeat 3-4 times

Method 3: Sputum drainage through active cycle of breathing technique (ACBT) is suitable for patients with respiratory problems that are unable to exert a lot of energy. until too tired

  1. Sit in a chair in a comfortable and relaxed position.
  2. Breathe in and out normally for 5-10 seconds.
  3. take a deep breath Emphasize the opening of the ribs and exhaling.
  4. normal breathing Then exhale through your mouth. (Open your mouth, press your chin down to make your mouth form a circle) along with contracting the abdominal muscles. Until the last exhale, repeat 3 times and return to the normal inhale and exhale 3 times.
  5. Breathe in and out, usually 5-10 seconds until the tiredness is gone, etc.

Dr. Jinda Rojanamethin, Director of Rajavithi Hospital, Department of Medical Services, added that How to reduce the spread of infection during sputum drainage You must wear a mask to cover your face every time you cough or breathe heavily to drain the mucus. During the practice, you should sit at least 2 meters away from others and if coughing and mucus comes out, spit the sputum on toilet paper, then discard it in a plastic bag with the mouth of the bag tied. Including important precautions during sputum drainage training

If the symptoms are very tired, faint, dizzy like fainting. very short or frequent breathing You should rest with normal breathing until the symptoms are gone and then start practicing. The number of times to practice per day also depends on the amount of sputum of the individual.

Information Department of Medical Services, Chulabhorn Hospital Chulabhorn Royal College


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