‘D-1’ LG Ensol general subscription, where and how much should I put? New accounts opened at brokerages surged by 332%

picture explanationOn the 10th, an advertisement for the general public contest for LG Energy Solutions was posted at Yeouido Station. (Maekyung DB)

LG Energy Solutions, which is considered to be the largest IPO in the history of domestic IPOs, will start subscriptions for general investors from January 18. As the number of individual investors preparing to subscribe for public offering stocks increased, the number of new accounts opened at securities companies also surged.

LG Energy Solution enters general subscription for two days from January 18th to 19th. Previously, LG Energy Solution’s competitive rate for institutional demand forecasting reached 2023 to 1, the highest in the history of IPOs in the securities market, and the number of institutional orders amounted to KRW 1,5203 trillion, the first record in history. Accordingly, the public offering price was set at 300,000 won, which is the upper end of the desired range.

In this general subscription, LG Energy Solutions allocates 10.625,000 to 12.75 million shares, or 25 to 30% of the total public offering. 50% of this is an equal method in which shares are equally distributed regardless of the number of subscribed stocks and margin if more than 10 shares are subscribed for, which is the minimum margin, and 50% is a proportional method in which the more the number of stocks subscribed and the higher the margin, the more stocks are distributed. is assigned Accordingly, the amount of equal allocation is more than 5.3 million shares. Considering the equal allocation, if the number of subscriptions does not exceed 2.65 million, each person can receive at least 2 weeks each. If you want to subscribe for 10 weeks, you must pay 1.5 million won, 50% of the subscription amount, as a margin.

This general subscription can be made through 7 securities companies. By securities company, KB Securities had the largest share with 4,869,792 shares, while Daishin Securities and Shinhan Investment Corp. each had 2434,896 shares. Mirae Asset Securities, Hana Financial Investment, Shinyoung Securities, and Hi Investment & Securities sold 221,354 shares each. Duplicate subscriptions made to multiple securities companies are prohibited, so you can only make one subscription under your own name. If you have a lot of spare funds, it is advantageous to subscribe to KB Securities, which has a lot of volume by targeting proportional allocation. For equal allocation, it is better to look at the competition rate by each securities company by the afternoon of the 19th, the last day of the subscription, and select a lower one.

LG Energy Solution is counted as the largest IPO in the history of IPO, and the number of new accounts opened by individual investors preparing to subscribe for public offerings is also rapidly increasing. At KB Securities, the number of new account openings from January 1 to 10 increased by 195.48% compared to the same period last year. The number of new accounts opened by Daishin Securities by January 13 increased by 332.75% compared to the same period last year, and by Shinhan Investment Corp. by 91.04% during the same period. Account opening at a securities company must be completed by the 17th, the day before the subscription, in order to participate in the subscription.

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