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D-100 Beijing Winter Olympics medals unveiled

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Beijing Winter Olympics gold and silver medal[사진=CMG제공]

The 100-day countdown event was held in Beijing on the 26th as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics were 100 days away.

According to the Central Broadcasting System of China (CMG), Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council Han Han attended the event on the same day to announce the medal design for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and International Olympic Committee (IOC) Chairman Thomas Bach delivered a video message.

The name of the medal is ‘sympathetic’, which means ‘with one heart’. ‘Dongsim’ shows the cultural substantiveness of China, which means ‘heaven, earth and human heart’, that is, the harmony of heaven, earth, and people. CMG explained that it symbolizes the enjoyment of together.

The Beijing Winter Olympic Medal ‘Concentric’ contains the Olympic rings mark in the center of the front, and five concentric circles are engraved with patterns such as ice, snow, and clouds. These are all traditional Chinese patterns, and the ice and snow patterns are characteristic of the Winter Olympics, and the shang Yun (祥雲) pattern conveys the meaning of good luck. On the back of the medal, the emblem of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the name of the competition were written in Chinese characters, and detailed events were engraved in English at the bottom of the medal.

The shape of the medal originated from the ancient jade wall in China, and the design showed the cultural transmission of the ‘two Olympic cities’ by responding to each other with ‘Gold Sang-Jade (金镶玉)’ inlaid with jade on gold, the Beijing 2008 Olympic medal.

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Meanwhile, on the occasion of the 100th countdown of the Beijing Winter Olympics on October 26, 2021, the Beijing Winter Olympic Park was officially unveiled on the 25th.

The ‘Beijing Winter Olympic Park’ located in the Capital Steel Complex was officially approved to use the name ‘Winter Olympic Park’ by the International Olympic Organizing Committee on January 4 this year.

The park covers an area of ​​171.2 hectares and is home to several event operation centers, including the headquarters of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee and the Beijing Winter Olympic Main Operation Center. have.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will kick off on February 4, 2022 and run until February 20, with 109 gold medals competing.

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