“D-Max-Ford Ranger”, 3 injured, 2 killed, “16 girls die all round”

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1 Dec. 2021 23:21

“D-Max” coordinates “Ford Ranger” crushed pair – wreckage scattered on the road, 3 injured, 16 youngsters died in the car wreck Eyewitnesses reveal that Ford overtakes and crashes into a D-Max drive in the opposite direction.

On December 1, 1964, Police Lieutenant Chakkrit Phonyiam, Deputy Inspector General of Phon Thong Police Station, received a report of an accident that a pickup truck collided with each other. There were injuries and deaths. The incident occurred on Road No. 2116, Sai Phon Thong – Rong Kham, Village No. 3, Pho Thong Subdistrict, Phon Thong District, Roi Et Province, therefore traveled to investigate. with highway rescue volunteers Kut Peng Rescue, Asok Rescue and Phon Thong Hospital Rescue

The scene found a white Ford Ranger Wildtrack pickup truck, license plate number 2, 8494, Bangkok. Collision stuck with a pick-up truck, Isuzu D-Max, gray color, no license plate attached. The front of both cars was demolished.

From the inspection of the Ford pick-up truck, it was found that 2 injured were a man driver and a woman sitting next to the driver, aged between 30-40 years, while an Isuzu pick-up truck found one injured, Mr. Anucha Prathumchat, 19. year, which is the driver Residing at 158 ​​Village No. 6, Pho Thong Subdistrict, Phon Thong District, Roi Et Province, rescuers provided first aid. and rushed to take him to Phonthong Hospital. In addition, another person was found dead in an Isuzu pickup truck, known as Panida Thipcharoon, 16, sitting next to the driver. Died with unborn child Officers performed an autopsy. before giving to relatives to bring them back to perform religious ceremonies

From the investigation, Mr. Anukorn Asawapoom, 44, an eyewitness, said that before the incident, he was driving in the direction of Phon Thong district. Suddenly, a Ford pickup truck followed behind him. has overtaken his car before smashing into an Isuzu pickup that drove on the opposite side resulting in such injuries and deaths.

preliminary police officer inspected the scene and interrogation of witnesses along with inviting the driver of the other pick-up truck to come for further questioning to carry out legal procedures The corpse of the deceased

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