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Da face does not repeat! Chonburi 10 pcs. Suphanburi Hit the ticket to 8 teams, Chang FA Cup

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Chonburi FC Teetu entered the final eight teams, the Chang FA Cup successfully opened the house at Ad Suphanburi FC 3-0 from Eleandro and Worachit Kanit Sri Bamphen Setthawutwong. Late by this game, “Shark Chon” has to be left 10 people in the last 20 minutes, but still strong. And keep the lead score

Football Chang FA Cup 2020

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Chonburi FC 3-0 Suphanburi FC

The Chang FA Cup 2020-21 football match, the last 16 teams at Chonburi Stadium on Wednesday, February 3, 64 is a meeting between “Shark Chon” Chonburi FC meets “Chang War Yu Thanhadhee “Suphanburi FC FC started the match in just the first minute, the visiting team had a chance to win first when Chayapholsap came to get the ball on the right side, pull the end of the line into the penalty area, the ball deep into the second pillar into Kong’s head Worldsukkai has a single header. But the ball is unfortunately sided with the net

P. 12 Local residents take out From the up-ball stroke to the right-hand side of Krisda Gaman, crossed the cross into the penalty area, into the head of Gonzaga Eliandro got a head full of head. The ball went beautifully for Chonburi FC to take out Suphanburi FC 1-0.

The two teams then opened a fun exchange game at 38 p.m. The visiting team equalized when Assam Sau was able to rest the ball from a long drop from the back of the skull. And turn the shot, but still good at this moment, there is a defensive line, Chonburi FC ran after blocking it, causing the ball to ricochet a little behind

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Into the late game, the home team dominates the game better. But still unable to drill more doors, finish the first half, Chonburi FC took out Suphanburi FC 1-0

The second half, Suphanburi FC still tried to come down to open an attacking game to hope to equalize, but still the ball did not flow smoothly. 54, the home team fled to 2-0 when the ball on the right side. Opened into the penalty area, the ball came deep into the second column, into the way of Panupong Polsa entered the charts, but was hit by Pongsakorn Samart Naresu, the goal of the visiting team brushed up, the ball hit the bounce beam to the second pillar with Worachitk Nitsribamphen Standing, stabbing the ball easily.

After conceding two goals, he looked forward to attacking, giving the visitors a chance to continue to attack.

PM 72 Renato Keliz, the host’s defensive line, was yellow in the second of the game from a stroke to foul Kasidetwetya Wong in the middle of the field in a rhythm to make a counter-attack game. Makes Chonburi FC remaining 10 people

PM 83 The visiting team has a chance when Sakulchai Saengtopho gets the ball on the starboard Opened the cross into the penalty area into the head of Assam Sao tackled. The ball slashed the pole a little.

Went into injury for 4 minutes, the home team countered at 90 + 2 The door was closed when the last ball came to Setthawut Wong, the firing line for Chonburi FC to escape 3-0, then the two teams could not shoot each other. Chonburi FC won Suphanburi FC. 3-0

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Coach speech

Sasitho Thong, manager of Chonburi FC : Must admire Suphanburi FC for good in this game But we have a chance and we can make it to win. And our goal in this cup is the champion. Which we will try to get support from Chonburi fans as well

Adebayo Cadebo Suphanburi FC Manager : Must congratulate Chonburi who are qualified Our team has changed a lot of players, causing many points to be adjusted. Today, not everyone can play as planned. In the league game, we have to accelerate and fix bugs in order to continue to do good work.

List and ability of two teams

Chonburi FC : Chanin Saeia 6, Noppanon Kochaphalayuk 6.5, Kritsada Kaman 7, Worachit Kanitsribamphen 6 (Rangsan Warunsri 6), United States Sonthisawat 6.5, Panu Pongpolsa 6.5 (Junior Eldstall -), Eternal 6.5, Coronation Ruang Thanarot 6.5 (Samphan Kasee ​​-), Chan Narong Promsrikaew 6.5 (Sittichok Phaso -), Eleandro Dos Santo Gonzaga 6 (Sethawut Wong Sai – ), Renato Keliz 6

Suphanburi FC : Pongsakorn Samarnaret 5, Piyachanok Darit 6 (Prasit Chantum), Rittiporn Wanchuen 6 (Sakulchai Saengto Pho 5), Baxinyong 5, Kasidet Vetayawong 6 (Sirimongkol Jitbunjong-), Kongphop Thuai Song 5 (Supawee Mi Praeng 5.5), Pan Decha Ngoenprasert 5, Leandro Assam Sao 6, Suphanthongsong 5.5, Chayaphon Sap Ma 5.5 (Sarayut Somphim), Ali Feviera Santos 6

Man of the Match: Krisada Kaman Chonburi FC

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