“Daddy pushes the heat in the Taiwan Strait”… Biden says “American troops will defend Taiwan” (with clip)

“American troops will defend Taiwan. If the Chinese army invades Little Dragon Island,” said President Joe Biden in a 60 Minutes news program broadcast on Sunday, September 18.

When the reporter asked, “Will the United States come out to defend Little Dragon Island if China invades?”

State chief Dan Phaya Eagle immediately replied, “That’s right… if the attack really happened.”

China has always said, “Taiwan is a rebel province that must reunite the motherland. and China can use force if necessary. ”

Biden’s comments come after US House Speaker Nancy Polosi visited Taipei in August. This angered the Chinese leaders in Beijing. like a dragon entwined with its tentacles So, the green light of the Dragon Army came out to respond by conducting three-day siege exercises on Taiwan.

Big China has always warned against moving official ties with Taiwan. which is as a certification of “Taiwanese Sovereignty”

The United States has always said it upholds the “one China principle” but opposes the use of military force to invade Taiwan.
Eagle boss Dan Phaya said. It is a word that weaves the dragon’s tentacles.

China objected so On Tuesday (September 20), Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning protested Biden’s comments. Serious Violation of the One China Principle Both are breaking the promise not to support Taiwan’s territorial independence.

Clip: President Biden Says “Defend Taiwan”

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