Daebeop Sohn Seok-hee sentenced to 6 months in prison for defamation YouTuber

A YouTuber who spread false facts about JTBC President Sohn Seok-hee through a YouTube channel has been sentenced to six months in prison.

The first division of the Supreme Court (Chief Justice Roh Tae-ak) announced on the 1st that it had confirmed the lower court sentenced to six months in prison in the appeals trial of YouTuber Goo, who was charged with violating the Information and Communications Network Act (defamation by false facts).

In January 2019, Goo was accused of defaming the reputation of the victims he mentioned by spreading rumors about Son’s car accident on his YouTube broadcast in January 2019 and claiming that it was an affair.

The first trial court said, “For the purpose of increasing the number of subscribers, we posted a video of maliciously defaming the victims’ reputation based on vague speculation without serious confirmation or verification. He was sentenced to six months in prison, saying, “The situation after the crime is not good, such as making insulting remarks while doing so.”

Goo, who escaped court arrest in the first trial, was convicted in the second trial and was arrested in August of this year.

The Supreme Court upheld the sentence of Goo, saying, “There was no mistake in misunderstanding the legal principle in the judgment of the original court.”

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