Daedong Hospital “Herpes simplex, not shingles? caused by a viral infection

[일요신문] A, an office worker in his 40s, has recently had several blisters around his mouth, causing discomfort when talking or eating. After hearing from colleagues that it will get better with time, saying that it will be blisters caused by fatigue, Mr A did not take it too seriously.

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However, as the pain did not go away over time and the pain got worse, Mr. Suspecting that it might be the eagle he saw on a TV commercial a while ago that rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, he was diagnosed with herpes simplex, not shingles, and is receiving medication.

Herpes simplex is a disease in which the herpes simplex virus among the human herpes viruses infects the skin and mucous membranes of our body and causes blisters.

Herpes simplex is spread through physical contact with someone who has the virus. If you have been infected even once, it remains dormant in the nerve tissue known as the dorsal root ganglion even after treatment, and then easily returns and causes symptoms due to less from immunity or stress or inflammation. It is classified as type 1 which occurs above the waist and type 2 which occurs below the waist, and the symptoms vary depending on the immune status of the individual or the area affected.

Oral herpes, the most common type 1, occurs on the lips, cheeks, chin, nose, oral mucosa, etc. It may be associated with burning, pain, and itching before blistering. In the case of type 2, which causes blisters around the vulva, it is a type of sexually transmitted disease.

Herpes simplex virus is characterized by clusters of blisters that resemble clusters of grapes. For diagnosis, the location of blistering can be observed and, if necessary, a biopsy can be performed. In most cases, it is possible to heal naturally without special treatment by keeping the infected area clean. However, if it does not improve and lasts for a long time or if complications accompany it, antiviral treatment is carried out.

Daedong Hospital Comprehensive Health Examination Center Kim Yun-mi, manager. Photo = Provided by Daedong Hospital

Daedong Hospital Comprehensive Health Examination Center Director Kim Yoon-mi (a family medicine specialist) said, “Many patients who come to the clinic are afraid that it might be shingles when they have blisters on their bodies.” Although it occurs in a limited area, shingles has a difference, such as the formation of blisters in the form of a band along the nerve,” he said.

Manager Kim said, “It is difficult for the general public to identify what kind of disease it is by the appearance of blisters, so it is best to visit a nearby medical institution to get a proper diagnosis and receive treatment in the early stages when an abnormal reaction in the body.” If you leave it as there is no problem or try folk remedies, complications or sequelae can increase, so you need to be careful.”

Recently, shingles can be prevented by vaccination, but the best way to prevent the common blister virus is to improve your lifestyle. In order to prevent herpes simplex, etc., you should take good care of your health, such as nutrition, sleep, fatigue and stress, and pay attention to personal hygiene such as washing your hands. Sanitary items such as towels and cups should not be shared between colleagues or family members.

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