Daegu · Gyeongbuk sensible temperature drops… 27 degrees during the day

On Monday, the 5th, Daegu and Gyeongbuk will have a lot of clouds, but it will clear from the afternoon.

As of 5 am on this day, the temperature is -0.5 degrees in Daegu, -0.2 degrees in Gyeongsan, -0.9 degrees in Gumi, -1.1 degrees in Pohang, -1.5 degrees in Yeongcheon, and -3.5 degrees in Andong.

It was predicted that the maximum temperature during the day would be between 2 and 7 degrees.

The fine dust concentration is expected to be ‘good’.

Snow may blow or raindrops fall until morning.

The expected amount of snow (precipitation) is less than 0.1 cm (less than 0.1 mm).

The Korea Meteorological Administration emphasized, “The perceived temperature is about 5 degrees lower, so it will be very cold, so we need to pay attention to facility management and health care, such as freezing and bursting of water pipes.”

※ This article was produced in collaboration with NCSoft’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) artificial intelligence technology.

Based on the draft written by artificial intelligence and data from the Korea Meteorological Administration, the reporter completed the final article and went through desks.

The weather forecast of the Korea Meteorological Administration, which is the original data of the article, can also be checked on the website ( https://www.weather.go.kr ).

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