Daegu FC v Jeju United Match Report, 21. 3. 13., K-League 1

[GOAL 리뷰] ‘Goal hit 3’Daegu draws 1-1 with Jeju…First win of the season failed

15:54 21. 3. 13.

Daegu struck the goal 3 times and recorded a draw with Jeju.

[골닷컴] Reporter Kim Hyung-joong = Daegu FC struck the goal three times and drew with Jeju United. In the first half, he struggled with opposing pressure, but in the second half, he won points with a sharply different performance.

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Daegu drew 1-1 in the HanawonQ K League 1 2021 round 4 home game against Jeju held at 2 pm on the 13th at DGB Daegu Bank Park. Although he gave the opening goal to Jeju, Se Jingya scored his first goal of the season and saved it from the crisis of defeat.

The first half was a one-sided game in Jeju. Daegu was focused only on defense without responding to Jeju’s rapid airborne turnaround. Jeju completely dominated the Jungwon fight and overpowered Daegu. However, there was not a single goal in Jeju.

As the second half began, Daegu came to life little by little. However, Jeju went ahead with Ahn Hyun-beom’s opening goal in the 6th minute of the second half. Ahn Hyun-beom finished the ball that Jin Sung-wook dropped as a header inside the box. Two minutes later, Daegu was in balance. Se Jingya took the ball due to Lee Chang-min’s mistake, and as it was, the goalkeeper split the goal at a one-on-one chance.

After that, the game flowed in the atmosphere of Daegu. The politician’s shot hit the goal. Following that, even Taewook Jung and Jinhyuk Kim’s shots hit the same left goal. Daegu, who didn’t follow the goal luck, continued to attack. In the 34th minute of the second half, Jang Seong-won’s shot was hit by the goalkeeper, and even Lee Geun-ho’s shot went over the goal.

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Eventually both teams couldn’t score any more and the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Daegu postponed the first win to the next game, and Jeju scored 6 points with 1 win and 3 draws.


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