Daegu Seomun Market 100th anniversary commemoration event successfully held

Free exhibition of Seomun Market 100th anniversary special photo exhibition until the end of April, promotion campaign

(Photo = Daegu City)

Daegu City announced on the 2nd that it is holding a commemorative event at the Keunjang three-way intersection next to Seomun Market District 5 at 4:00 pm

Seomun Market has a long history as one of the three largest markets in the country since the Joseon Dynasty celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The commemorative event was attended by 100 Seomun Market merchants, Daegu Mayor Hong Joon-pyo, and local lawmakers who are working hard to develop Seomun Market.

The visit of the President and his wife was made on this day after first lady Kim Kun-hee visited Seomun Market on January 11th as a ‘New Year’s Day shopping event’ and promised to attend the 100th anniversary of the market’s relocation on April 1st with market traders.

Major event programs include the ‘Special Photo Exhibition for the Centenary of Seomun Market’ and a screening of ‘A commemorative video containing the stories of people who shared the past and present in the 100th year of the Great Hall’, ‘opening the future together’. through the flowering of Magnolias’ A celebratory performance was presented to the citizens, adding to the meaning of the event.

Daegu City will hold the ‘Special Photo Exhibition to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Seomun Market’ at the special exhibition hall near the Keunjang three-way intersection for a month, starting with visits by the president and others on this day, until the end of the day. April. In the photo exhibition, about 300 items, including documentary photos, videos, and illustrations, including a time series of Seomun Market, which embraces the history and life of Daegu, are on display, and admission is free so that citizens can freely. see and enjoy.

In addition, a promotional campaign will be held for the 100th anniversary of Seomun Market. Since March 22, citizen-participating SNS events such as ‘One Hundred Sides One Hundred’ and ‘One Hundred Heads One Hundred Middles’ have been held, and ‘interviews of Seomun Market merchants and 100 citizens’ and ‘video introducing Seomun Night Market’ available on YouTube. .

Meanwhile, Daegu City asked the president who visited Seomun Market that day to actively support major regional issues, such as △ (tentatively named) the establishment of the National Salvation Movement Memorial Hall, △ the establishment of the National Museum of Modern Art and the National Musical Complex.

(tentative name) The National Salvation Movement Memorial Hall is a project to create a symbolic space to remember and commemorate the history of national salvation by connecting historical and cultural resources near Seomun Market, such as Seomun Market, 3.1 Manse Movement Road, modern western. style houses, and Cheongna Hill The establishment of the Art Museum and the National Musical Complex is a project promised by the President.

Mayor Hong Joon-pyo emphasized, “Seomun Market is a special place with a deep affection for the local people, and it is the role of all of us to develop it further for the next 100 years.” I ask the government to provide active support so that Daegu can stand taller.”

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