‘Daejang-dong 4 people’ trial begins

The trial of Dong-gyu Yoo, the former head of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, major shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu, Man-bae Kim, lawyer Nam Wook, and accountant Jeong Young-hak, who are the key suspects in the Daejang-dong development lobby and preferential treatment case, started today.

The 22nd Criminal Settlement Division of the Seoul Central District Court held the first trial preparation date for these four people from 3 pm today.

Unlike a formal trial, the trial preparation date can be held without the defendants present, but former General Manager Yoo appeared in court.

Former General Manager Yoo, Mr. Kim, and lawyer Nam’s lawyers reserved their stance on the allegations, saying, “We could not read or copy the prosecution’s investigation record.”

In response, the court urged the prosecution to “read the investigation records as soon as possible in order to exercise the minimum right of defense.”

On the other hand, Jung Young-hak’s lawyer said, “I admit to the charges,” and said, “I will cooperate with the trial so that the substantive truth can be revealed.”

Former general manager Yoo is accused of colluding with Mr. Kim to give Hwacheon Daewoo at least 65.1 billion won in housing land development dividends and at least 117.6 billion won in implementation profits, and that much damage to the construction company.

In the process, he is also accused of accepting bribes of 500 million won from Mr. Kim and 352 million won from lawyer Nam and accountant Jeong, and promising to receive 70 billion won of the profits from the development of Daejang-dong.



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