Daeungjeon was burned down due to fire in Busan temple…

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There were several fires over the weekend.

In Busan, where a dry warning was issued, a fire broke out at a temple and burned down Daeungjeon, and a fire in a row house in Seoul killed a husband in his 70s and injured his wife.

This is Reporter Hong Eui-pyo.

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Smoke billows from all corners of the mountainside, and flames seep through the trees.

The roof was engulfed in bright red flames and collapsed.

At around 5:30 this morning, a fire broke out at a temple in Yeongdo-gu, Busan.

The fire was extinguished in four and a half hours, but the temple’s Daeungjeon was completely burned, and 25,000 square meters of forest were also burned.

The fire department believes the fire started from the side of the Daeungjeon building and is investigating the exact cause.


You can see charred household items through the door with the access control line.

At around 10:40 last night, a fire broke out on the first floor of a row house in Jungnang-gu, Seoul, where a couple in their 70s lived.


“It was just a fuss, so we all woke up. People (firefighters) said, ‘Everyone, go outside.’

The 78-year-old husband, A, lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital, but eventually died.


An ambulance driving down the highway.

It staggers to the left and right and then veers out of its lane.

A citizen suspected of drunk driving reported it to the police and even helped track it down.


“(The vehicle) kept staggering in front of me. I don’t think anyone would think it was dangerous.”

A man in his 30s driving an ambulance was caught within an hour, and was found to be in a state of intoxication at the level of ‘license revocation’.

This is Hong Eui-pyo from MBC News.

Video coverage: Kim Dong-se / Video editing: Park Hye-rin / Video provided by: Busan Fire Department·Kim Young-bin (informant)

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