Dai Penny and Zhang Zhicheng’s Nostalgic Performance on ‘Time Concert·Friends’ Sparks Excitement and Memories

Penny Dai and Zhang Zhicheng’s Memorable Performance on “Time Concert·Friends”

Memories Stirred as Dai Penny and Zhang Zhicheng Sing “Three o’clock in the morning”

In a surprising collaboration, the renowned song queen Penny Dai invited her long-time friend, the “Little Prince of R&B” Zhang Zhicheng, to join her on the show “Time Concert·Friends.” Their rendition of the classic song “Three o’clock in the morning” sparked a wave of nostalgia among netizens. Many are now speculating that the once “disappearing singer” Zhang Zhicheng might make a comeback. Even more thrilling, Dai Penny revealed that she had also extended an invitation to Zhang Zhicheng’s cousin, Liang Jingru, adding to the overall excitement of the program.

Interestingly, Zhang Zhicheng was initially approached to participate in the “Time Concert” last year but declined due to the ongoing pandemic, citing concerns about quarantine. However, a year later, Dai Penny managed to persuade the “semi-retired” Zhang Zhicheng to be a part of the show with just one phone call, leaving netizens pleasantly surprised.

Combining their exceptional talents, Dai Penny and Zhang Zhicheng delivered a remarkable performance of “Three o’clock in the morning” on the show, garnering tremendous praise from the audience. The juxtaposition of Dai Penny’s unique country rock style with Zhang Zhicheng’s R&B flair not only preserved the essence of the original classic but also injected new elements into the song. Zhang Jie aptly described their harmonious collaboration as a vine that “grows freely and comes together in tacit understanding.”

Following their captivating duet, Dai Penny requested more songs and invited Nicky Cheung to sing his famous track “May I Love You” acapella. As a heartfelt gesture towards their loyal fans, Dai Penny improvised the lines “Cheung Chi-cheng is still your believer” during the performance.

An Unspoken Friendship of 27 Years

During the show, Dai Penny shared that she had known her dear friend Zhang Zhicheng since she was 17 years old, resulting in a 27-year-long friendship. Cheung Chi-cheng further added that he and Penny Dai often engaged in creative competitions, and music became an important catalyst for mutual encouragement. Zhang Zhicheng warmly recalled his initial days in Taiwan, where Dai Penny frequently reached out to him, offering greetings and inviting him for dinners, easing his sense of alienation in a foreign land.

Zhang Zhicheng also expressed his sentiments on Weibo, revealing how Penny’s invitation prompted him to leave his seclusion and partake in his first-ever music variety show. Through the efforts of the production team, the experience brought back a flood of cherished memories. He emphasized his unwavering passion for music, acknowledging its role as a soundtrack to life. It appeared that there were countless unspoken words between the two friends, united by a deep understanding.

Upon the show’s broadcast, numerous netizens eagerly yearned for Zhang Zhicheng to resume his singing career. One fan exclaimed, “As an idol of the generation and a trailblazer in R&B, why keep your talents hidden when there’s still so much to offer?” They expressed hope that Zhang Zhicheng would release an album showcasing his musical prowess, elevating the current music scene and delighting their ears. In response, Zhang Zhicheng humbly replied that he does not hold reservations and that being oneself and genuinely loving music are the key.

An Open Invitation to Liang Jingru

In one of the show’s highlights, Dai Penny revealed her frustration at still needing to invite five more friends. To her delight, she shared, “I’ve already reached out to your cousin (Liang Jingru)!” Zhang Zhicheng, seemingly surprised, asked, “Did she agree?” Dai Penny responded with a hint of helplessness, stating, “She has quite a busy schedule, but perhaps October could work.” Zhang Zhicheng playfully suggested he might appear as his cousin in the next episode, inducing laughter from Dai Penny.

Yuan Chengjie’s Dream Come True

Brimming with admiration for Zhang Zhicheng, Yuan Chengjie, a devoted fan, had the opportunity to fulfill his dream of performing “Dateline” alongside his idol on the show. As a representation of his fellow fans, Yuan Chengjie implored Zhang Zhicheng to hold more concerts.

In response, Zhang Zhicheng expressed his love for life beyond work. He humorously remarked, “My fans are in despair, never knowing when they’ll catch another glimpse of me.”

Zhang Zhicheng’s transformation from the “Little Prince of R&B” was met with little surprise, as Dai Penny’s eyes gleamed with adoration, reminiscent of a young girl. Zhang Zhicheng, who now identifies as “semi-retired,” expressed his contentment with the joys of life outside of work. He hopes that his fans can understand his minimal screen presence.

Dai Penny’s mischievous expression and playful announcement of inviting Liang Jingru left viewers chuckling. Moreover, she expressed her dismay at still needing to invite five more friends to the program.

Ultimately, Zhang Zhicheng’s decision to participate in the show stemmed from a heartfelt phone call from Dai Penny, solidifying their enduring friendship.

Dai Penny invited Zhang Zhicheng to appear on the show “Time Concert·Friends”, and the two sang “Three o’clock in the morning”, which sparked netizens’ memories. (Taken from Weibo)

(Changsha News on the 18th) The golden song queen Penny invited her friend of 27 years, the “Little Prince of R&B” Zhang Zhicheng, to participate in a “Friends · Time Concert”. The two sang “Three o’clock in the Morning”, which triggered a memory attack, and many Malaysians AND Chinese netizens claimed that the “disappearing singer” Zhang Zhicheng “may come out” and start singing. Surprisingly, he mentioned Dai Penni also said in the program that she sent an invitation to Zhang Zhicheng’s cousin, Liang Jingru, which is very exciting.

It was revealed that Zhang Zhicheng was one of the proposed singers for “Time Concert” last year, but the epidemic was raging at the time, and he refused on the grounds that he “did not want to be quarantined.” Unexpectedly, a year later, Dai Penni invited the “semi-retired” Zhang Zhicheng to participate in the show with just one phone call, which surprised many netizens.

It is a rare combination of two talented men and women in Malaysia, and they sang “Three O’Clock in the Morning” together on the show, which provoked the echo of the netizens. Dai Penni’s unique country rock style is matched with Zhang Zhicheng’s R&B, which not only preserves the original classics but also brings new elements. Zhang Jie praised the harmony of the two as a vine, “growing freely and coming together in tacit understanding.”

After they both finished singing, Dai Penny asked for more songs, asking Nicky Cheung to sing his famous song “May I Love You” a cappella. At the end, she improvised the words “Cheung Chi-cheng is still your believer” to express that this sentence is especially dedicated to the fans Netizens expressed their gratitude.

27 years of unspoken friendship

Dai Penni said in the show that she found her old friend Zhang Zhicheng, whom she has known since she was 17 years old, and who has known her for a total of 27 years. Cheung Chi-cheng mentioned that he and Penny Dai often meet in creative competitions, and music has become an important factor for the two to encourage each other. Zhang Zhicheng even mentioned that when he first arrived in Taiwan and was not familiar with the place, Dai Penny always called to greet her or meet for dinner, which made him feel warm in a foreign country.

Zhang Zhicheng also posted on Weibo: “I was summoned by Penny’s phone call to go down the mountain to experience the first music variety show in my life. Through the hard work of the production team, it brought back many memories in the past .Whether it’s on or off the stage, I follow the passion of music. The pace accumulates theme songs and interludes of life. Whatever happens and who should be cherished, treasured, and when it comes time to let go, let it go definitely. see in it?”

Dai Penny also left a message to thank Zhang Zhicheng for accepting the invitation: “The value of many things lies in the ‘willingness’ from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being ready to accept my invitation and allow friends who love listen to your singing to reminisce with you. 27 years of friendship is not a bridge. Ha, thank you. Come down the mountain more often and gather more often.”

Zhang Zhicheng also replied: “I still remember that phone call, too much and everything, and we finally cooperated! There are thousands of words that cannot be said. It is enough that you understand me and I understand you!” “It can be seen that the two are good friends and talk about the past without saying anything.

After the show aired, many netizens beat their bowls in the hope that Zhang Chi-cheng would start singing. One netizen said, “Tell me, as an idol of a generation and an enlightened R&B singer, why do you have to ‘semitate’ when there’s still gas in the tank?” I really hope that Brother Zhicheng will release an album to let the current music scene know what music is and also to improve my ears.” In response, Zhang Zhicheng replied that it is not a reservation, “There is no reservation, it’s to be yourself and really love music.”

An open invitation to Liang Jingru

In the highlights of the show, Dai Penni mentioned to Zhang Zhicheng that she still needs to invite 5 friends to the show. She was very upset about this, and then she burst out: “I have already called your cousin (Liang Jingru)!” Zhang Zhicheng After hearing this, he asked: “(She) agrees?” Dai Penny said helplessly, “She has a lot of time, it might be possible in October.” Zhang Zhicheng was suspiciously “pretending” to appear as a cousin in the next episode, making Dai Penny laugh in the air.

Yuan Chengjie’s big fan sings “Dateline”

In addition, Yuan Chengjie is a big fan of Zhang Zhicheng. This time he also fulfilled his dream and sang “Dateline” with his idol in the show. He also expressed the voice of the fans and asked Zhang Zhicheng to “hold more concerts.”

In this regard, Zhang Zhicheng also expressed his feelings and attitude towards life, “Apart from work, I love life.” He also joked, “My fans are pathetic, and they don’t know when they’ll see me.”

The voice change of “The Little Prince of R&B” Zhang Zhicheng is not surprising, and Dai Penni also showed the loving eyes of a little girl. (Taken from Weibo) “Half-retired” Zhang Zhicheng admitted that he is currently enjoying life a lot apart from work. He hopes fans can understand that he rarely appears in front of the screen. (Taken from Weibo) When Dai Penni revealed that she had sent an invitation to Liang Jingru, she gave the camera a sly expression, which was very funny. (Screenshot of the programme) Dai Penni revealed that she still needs to invite 5 friends to the programme, which makes her feel upset. (Taken from Weibo) Zhang Zhicheng revealed that he decided to participate in the show because of a phone call from Dai Penni, and the friendship between the two friends was obvious. (Screenshot from Weibo)

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