Dai Weijun was selected for the national football team to play in the World Cup and was praised as “the core of the next 10 years”

Dai Weijun was selected for the national football team to compete in the World Cup and was praised as “the core of the next 10 years” (online photo)

“Beijing Youth Daily” reported that Hong Kong player Dai Weijun was successfully selected for the national football team’s World Cup qualifiers against Japan and Vietnam.

According to a report by Nanfang Daily in early January, Dai Weijun has obtained the qualification to settle in the Mainland and has settled in the collective account of Shenzhen Football Club in Longgang District, which means that if Dai Weijun wants to go to Hong Kong in the future, he needs to apply for a Hong Kong and Macau Pass like ordinary Mainland residents. However, the latest news shows that, confirmed by FIFA’s email on January 11, Dai Weijun meets all the conditions to represent the Chinese national team. According to people familiar with the matter, the Chinese Football Association communicated with FIFA as soon as possible about Dai Weijun’s eligibility, and quickly completed the membership issue.


(Online picture)

“The Paper” pointed out that although there is no Dai Weijun, it can not change the situation that the national football team is on the verge of elimination, but the Chinese Football Association hopes that Dai Weijun can gain valuable experience in four top 12 matches, which will be very helpful for the national football team to prepare for the 2023 Asian Cup in the future. positive effects. The former assistant coach of the national football team, Madaloni, pointed out that Dai Weijun will be the “core” of the national football team in the next 10 years.

Dai Weijun was born in Hong Kong on July 25, 1999 and plays as a midfielder. According to public information, he joined the Bury Club in 2017 and made 11 appearances, and then moved to the Utrecht club in the Netherlands, making 12 appearances; in 2019, Dai Weijun made 11 appearances. Transferred to the Premier League Wolves and played 7 times on behalf of the Wolves U23. In 2020, Dai Weijun joined the Shenzhen team. Last season, Dai Weijun represented the Shenzhen team in 23 games and scored 3 goals.



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